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The Past, Present And Future Of Sequence Listing Preparation -- Part Two

By Tasha Witham

The future of Sequence Listing preparation: Will it include proposed WIPO ST. 26?

Tasha Witham is a Senior Technical Advisor at Harbor Consulting IP Services, Inc. with five years of experience with Sequence Listing preparation and database searching. Ms. Witham may be reached at 800-318-3021 x 103, or by visiting

As stated in Part I of this article, an international task force was assembled in 2010 for the purpose of creating a new, updated worldwide standard for the submission of Sequence Listings. The May 15, 2012, Federal Register (Vol. 77, No. 94, 28541-28543) published a Request for Comments on the Recommendation for the Disclosure of Sequence Listings Using XML (Proposed ST. 26) (“request”) and subsequently published numerous public comments and questions regarding these proposed rules. These public comments outlined several potential issues and limitations in the WIPO ST. 26 ("ST. 26") proposal. Due to the uncertainty of the final rules, this article will focus on the change in Sequence Listing format, which will affect the submission of all Sequence Listings submitted under ST. 26. Without concrete information regarding any future changes to ST. 26, the information presented in this article is a summary and analysis of available info...

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