What can patent analytics tell us about them?
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New Ventures
What can patent analytics tell us about them?

By Tammy D'Amato and Nick Stabinsky and Scott Oldach of Patent Board™

There are an estimated 600,000 new companies founded each year, and many with aspirations to be the next Google.  These young tech-centric companies are really new ventures that often have new ideas and no way to demonstrate their worth to investors. To become one of the great technological and business success stories, it takes more than just a great idea and hard work.  It takes the ability to create a compelling value proposition to customers and investors alike.  Patents can be an important part of that value proposition, especially to investors.  There are few things more persuasive for a company that has a few great ideas than to show potential investors tangible proof of the new venture’s intellectual prowess.  Sadly, much like inventions, not all patents are created equal.  Understanding the quality of a new venture’s patents, and by proxy its inventions, is a difficult task; one where Patent Analytics can bridge the communication gap between new venture an investor.

In previous issues, we started the discussion of “Why Use Patent Analytics? ” We have identified Fortune 1000 companies, New Ventures, Investors, Lawyers, Research Universities and Governments as potential users of patent analytics. In our continuing series, we also identified four types of patent analytics that could be useful: Patent Component Analysis, Bibliometric Analysis, Expert...

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