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The Patent Scorecard™ 2008 – Medical Devices & Services

By Scott Oldach of Patent Board™

The Medical Devices & Services Patent Scorecard represents companies that develop and manufacture medical equipment, apparatus, instruments, devices and supplies.

Companies in this industry are fierce competitors, vying for the top technology and acquiring any small company that can provide them an edge.  This year’s acquisition wish list seems to focus on cryo-based technologies for treating cardiac arrythmias.  Scorecard position number 2, Boston Scientific, acquired Cryocor, and scorecard leader Medtronic has announced that it intends to acquire Cryocath Technologies. Unfortunately, the Cryocor acquisition, a small, young patent portfolio with only a handful of citations, did not help Boston Scientific rise in rank. Conversely, Medtronic will further strengthen its hold on the number 1 position once the Cryocath acquisition is complete. Cryocath portfolio’s is not only slightly larger than Cryocor’s, but it is also much more impactful, with their most recent full year Industry Impact™ score of 1.81. Interestingly, St. Jude Medical, ranked 8th is just one of many companies that are building heavily upon Cyrocath.

While Medtronic and Boston Scientific continue to fight for the top 2 spots, Johnson & Johnson and Covidien held their positions, but narrowed the gap between them. Johnson & Johnson has decreased in Technology Strength&trade...

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