Be Aware of Your Online Persona
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Be Aware of Your Online Persona

By Nancy Roberts Linder of Nancy Roberts Linder Consulting

Many professionals it seems, including lawyers, have “let their hair down” when it comes to e-mail communication, resulting in potential harm to one’s image.  Reputations can be compromised, even damaged, by failing to follow the basic tenets of business etiquette.  Whether you participate in discussion groups on law or personal interest topics, or just communicate with your clients and colleagues via e-mail, it is important to always adopt these basic rules for e- mail:

  • Write using a “business conversation” tone.  While e-mail is meant to be less formal, it should not preclude you from using proper grammar and English.  Keep the tone of your e-mail communication professional.

  • Typing is important. When typing your e-mail message or response, type as you would when writing a business letter, using proper punctuation and capitalization.  Avoid using text message chat abbreviations/shorthand.  Never type in all capital letters, it is considered shouting.  Also, check your spelling.  Most e-mail software today has built-in spell checking features, but always proof your messages before you hit the “send” button.

  • Never use profanity.  Even though you believe e-mail is private, it is basically a written communication (like a letter) which can be passed on to others....

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