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Show Me The Alpha: Patent Analytics

By Scott Oldach and Geoffrey Celhar of Patent Board™

Mr. Oldach leads all the activities at The Patent Board including the strategic vision to equip commercial clients with new and robust products that support the quickening pace of patenting and provide their clients with a deep understanding of their patent assets. He brings over 30 years of services experience ranging from Strategy Consulting and Transformational Leadership, to technology innovation and commercialization. Mr. Oldach grew consulting activities within IBM Global Services, where he was one of the founding members of IBM Consulting Group. He also worked with The MAC Group, Booz Allen and Hamilton and Arthur Anderson.

Mr. Celhar leads projects and opportunities within the Advisory Services group at The Patent Board. He manages custom projects to identify investment opportunities across several industries. He previously worked for several member firms on the floor of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange.

In our series on Patent Analytics, we began our discussion with a few simple questions: Why Use Patent Analytics?, Who Uses Patent Analytics?, and How do Patent Analytics deliver value? These questions can only be answered in comparison to your competitors’, customers’ and suppliers’ patent portfolios. The comparison provides perspective and insight into how technology is evolving and its impact on future competitiveness. “Patent Analytics” is a broad term used to define any metric, indi...

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