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The Patent Scorecard™ 2009 – Government Agencies

By Tammy D'Amato of Patent Board™

The Government Patent Scorecard represents the governments and governmental agencies involved in patenting their research in all disciplines.

Government Agencies do not patent heavily, as can be seen through the low amount of organizations (40) that meet the qualifications for unification1.  In fact, these 40 organizations only account for approximately 1% of all utility patenting per year.  This is not alarming as Government Agencies patenting efforts are more for defensive purposes and to meet specific needs than to support product initiatives.   However, governments do contribute significantly to patenting innovations through funding and grants to both private and public sectors.  The top 10 Government Agencies are shown above, as ranked by their Technology Strength™ with an even mixture of U.S. and foreign organizations.

The top 10 Government Agencies have patenting efforts that span many industries with the most prolific in the field of Biotechnology, which comprises 11% of their current year patenting.  Semiconductor patenting comes in at a close second at 10%.  Top ranked Electronics & Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) has the highest patent volume of all government agencies with patents in tele...

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