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Build Your Brand

By Nancy Roberts Linder of Nancy Roberts Linder Consulting

In its most basic sense, branding defines specific characteristics of a product or service that is identifiable in the marketplace.  In the context of legal services, a brand is service that is known, quality that is expected, and representation that is deliverable.  If you think about it, lawyers, whether they are practicing as part of a large firm or a smaller boutique, are really their own "brands." 

Building your own brand is all about being known and recognized for your particular areas of practice.  There are three important reasons you would want to focus on building your brand:

  1. Expand Visibility and Credibility.  One of the best ways to expand your visibility and credibility is to be known and recognized among clients, referral sources and peers.  That is pretty obvious.  But how do you get "known" and "recognized"?  Public speaking, organizational involvement and article writing activities have all been proven to contribute to building visibility and credibility.

  2. Create Opportunities.  Being known or recognized creates opportunity.  Opportunity can come in all shapes and sizes, including new business introductions, an invitation to speak at an important meeting, or a request to publish an article in an industry publication.

  3. I...

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