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Client Development Tools:
Distribute News Your Clients Can Use

By Nancy Roberts Linder of Nancy Roberts Linder Consulting

E-communication can be a very versatile tool for influencing existing clients and developing new client relationships, if designed, written and distributed appropriately.  Investing in this type of marketing tool has many benefits, including providing opportunities to:

  1. Obtain exposure for your practice.  Anyway you look at it, distributing news your clients/contacts can use gives your practice the kind of exposure lawyers crave, because you are imparting information that they can use now or in the future should they have a legal need.  For example, if you want to be better known in the software industry, you can use e- communication to talk about the business and legal issues affecting companies that develop and sell software products.  You should send this communication to individuals in the software industry that you would like to retain as clients, as well as to your current clients, who may in turn, pass the information along to one of their colleagues.  This "pass along" phenomenon offers tremendous additional exposure opportunities, with no additional investment on your part.
  2. Yield new business by educating clients/contacts.  Producing e- communication provides you with an opportunity to educate your clients, prospective clients and referral sources about legal issues, trends and changes in the law.  It is important when discu...

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