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The Universities Patent Scorecard™ – 2009 University Leaders in Innovation

By Scott Oldach of Patent Board™

The Universities Patent Scorecard™ represents the universities and university-based laboratories from around the world involved in patenting their research in all disciplines within the United States.

Indicator Definitions

Technology Strength™ is a ranking measure to indicate an overall strength of the company’s patent portfolio holdings with a combined measure of quality and quantity.

Industry Impact™ indicates the extent to which others are building upon a portfolio of issued U.S. utility patents as compared to the total set of utility patents.

Research Intensity™ indicates the extent to which a portfolio includes patents with above average Science Linkage as compared to the industry group.

Innovation Cycle Time™ indicates whether a patent or patent portfolio is building off newer or older inventions (art).

Patents Granted equals the number of U.S. patents granted in a given year; excluding design and other special case inventions.

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