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Issue: November 2007

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Table of Contents

Product-By-Process Claims: A Jurisdictional Comparison
By Bill Bennett and Nick Finnie

Should the Prima Facie Case Include a Showing of the Lack of Suppression Or Concealment?
By Charles L. Gholz and Kenneth D. Wilcox

The Availability Of Patent Reassignment For Trade Secrets Misappropriation
By Thomas J. Gray

CAFC Grants Partial Stay of Limited Exclusion Order
By George A. Hovanec

Can the Digital Millennium Copyright Act Save the Day for Independent Filmmakers (and for the Rest of Hollywood)? 10th & Wolf v. ThinkFilm and the Legal Obligation to Pay Residuals
By Larry Iser and Chad Fitzgerald

Ambush Marketing and International Sporting Events
By Charles Lloyd and David Brooks

Rembrandts in the Rear View Mirror: The Demise of Intellectual Capital
By Joseph E. Root

Alternative History: PTO Attempts to Limit Use of Alternative Claim Language
By Matthew Siegal and Jeffrey Mann

RFC Express: Recently Filed Patent Cases


From The Editor


Moving Up & Moving On

Invention Analysis & Claiming:
The Summary of the Invention
By Ronald Slusky

The Medicine Chest:
The Non-Finality of Final ANDA Approvals
By Seven R. Ludwig, PH.D.

Litigator's Corner:
The Specification Is the Claim
By Joseph N. Hosteny

Client Development Tools:
"If Your Phone Doesn't Ring, It Could Be Your Client" (Part II)
By Nancy Roberts Linder

CLASSIFIED: Opportunities, Products, Services and Situations Wanted

CAFC Happenings
By John L. Rogitz of Rogitz & Associates

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