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Issue: April 2008

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Table of Contents

How To Do An IP Survey Without Giving Away The Store
By James T. Berger

An Unappealing Proposal: Another PTO Effort to Hamstring Applicants
By Joseph M. Butscher

Five Reasons Why 2008 Will Be A Year To Remember for Design Patents
By David R. Gerk, Esq.

Can Narrowing Reissue Applications Still Be Used To Provoke Interferences?
By Charles L. Gholz

EPC 2000 Explained
By Yohan Liyanage

The PRO-IP Act: A Legislative False Start in Big Content's Fight Against File Sharing
By Douglas Panzer

First-to-File vs. First-to-Invent
By Alexander Poltorak

Intellectual Property Infringement in Emerging Markets: Weighing the Risks and Managing the Implications
By Gregory C. Swinehart, Brian Bittmann, and James S. Talbot

The Exponential Burden of McKesson
By Tamsen Valoir, PhD and William Ramey

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From The Editor


Moving Up & Moving On

Invention Analysis & Claiming:
The Summary of the Invention—Part II
By Ronald Slusky

The Medicine Chest:
Watching the Watch List
By Seven R. Ludwig, PhD

Litigator's Corner:
TrollTracker, Cisco and the Coalition for Fairness to Foxes in the Hen House
By Joseph N. Hosteny

Client Development Tools:
Where to Invest Your Marketing Technology Dollars
By Nancy Roberts Linder

CLASSIFIED: Opportunities, Products, Services and Situations Wanted

CAFC Happenings
By John L. Rogitz of Rogitz & Associates

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