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Patent Scorecard 2010 - Law Firms

By Tammy D'Amato and Christine Wren of Patent Board™

The Law Firm Patent Scorecard™ is a high-level evaluative tool for firms to gauge patent quality, technological strength and breadth of impact for the patents they prosecute.  The Patent Scorecard is a rating of patenting innovation through the lens of patent representation and combines a series of industry- standard metrics to arrive at a Technology Strength™ ranking for the year ending December 31, 2009.  The Law Firm Patent Scorecard™ is compiled with natively filed patents, excluding those with a foreign priority.  Considering that many of the patent quality metrics are dependent upon the characteristics of the patent that may be strengthened or weakened during the drafting and due diligence processes, The Patent Board considers this methodology as an effective means of comparison, as patents with a foreign priority have usually been drafted according to the requirements of a specific foreign jurisdiction.

The Patent Scorecard 2010 | Law Firms includes U.S. utility patents represented by law firms that were natively filed, which is a subset of all U.S. utility patents they represent.  This allows for analysis of patents that a firm actually prosecuted and removes firms that only provide local counsel.  Firms with 75 or more natively filed patents in 2009 have been analyzed.  All 2010 rankings and indicators are based on the data as compiled ...

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