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Biopharmaceuticals: The Intersection of Two Overlapping and Intertwining Industries

By Lindsey Gilroy and Tammy D'Amato of Patent Board™

An increasing number of patenting entities bill themselves as Biopharmaceutical companies. While some primarily focus on Biotech or Pharmaceuticals, many have inventions that blur the boundary between the two industries. A sub-industry of both Biotech and Pharma, the definition of Biopharmaceuticals reveals the underlying nature of the industries that it combines. Biopharmaceuticals is at its most basic the use of biotechnology to create pharmaceutical products. In the Pharmaceuticals industry, the output is typically a drug that treats various illnesses or diseases. In the Biotechnology industry, however, the output ranges from products that help Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture and even the production of Renewable Energy. Biotechnology can be viewed more as a process than a product, which is why its technologies are able to merge so seamlessly with other industries to create innovative spaces such as the Biopharmaceuticals sub-industry. Looking at Biopharmaceuticals through the lens of Patent Analytics, we can begin to understand some of the dynamics at play in terms of funding, scientific research and innovation. While the Patent Board tracks seventeen industries and maps companies to one or more industries based on their inventions, we can also track sub-industries within or overlapping the seventeen industries by mapping technologies at the individual patent level. Using technology classification codes as the basis for industry mapping, we have ...

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