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Patent Scorecard 2010 - Financial Services

By Lindsey Gilroy and Perry Bassett of Patent Board™

The Financial Services industry includes represents companies that are involved in banking, investments and securities trading, as well as providers of insurance, credit cards and electronic payments.

Financial Services Industry Analysis

Today's scorecard is the first time The Patent Board has published a Financial Services Patent Scorecardô. Financial Services patenting has evolved and grown over the last several years, particularly with the development of Business Method patents. In addition, Financial Services companies have matured beyond their dependence on technology vendors to protect their innovations. Now these companies are taking individual steps to develop competitive innovative positions protected by patents.

Financial Services companies that are patenting range from investment or consumer banks to trading exchanges to credit card or mortgage providers. Twenty-eight of the largest patenting entities hold at least ten issued utility patents and are represented on The Patent Board's 2010 Financial Services Patent Scorecardô. Patenting before the 1990s by Financial Services companies was sparse and a far cry from modern Financial Services patented technologies. Only three companies of the 28 entities represented on the 201...

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