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Today's Inventors Don't Fit Old Stereotypes

By Natalie Kadievitch

Somewhere in Chicago there is a patent attorney who is kicking himself as he reads this story. During the mid-í90s, as a young inventor in Chicago, my client Lori Greiner was disappointed that her first patent attorney didnít take her ambitions seriously, so she began to look for another attorney who would appreciate her business potential.

Fifteen years later, the two of us have worked together on over 100 patents. Since launching her first product, an earring organizer in 1997, Lori has created over 250 products and holds more than 100 U.S. and international patents. Owner of For Your Ease Only Inc., Lori has built a multi-million dollar empire through the invention and sale of functional and fun items.

Sheís a regular favorite on the QVC USA channel, and her products are available at Bed, Bath and Beyond and Ulta, as well as through catalog distributors, such as Ross Simons. Her products are focused on ďmaking womenís lives easierĒ and they range from jewelry organizers to cosmetic organizers to kitchen gadgets and more. To see more, check out:

I donít think Lori is partial to me because Iím a woman. I think she appreciates the fact that I took her ambition seriously, respect her and that Iím upfront with her. Lori probably also appreciates my persistence. Years ago, Lori invented a decorative bowl that other attorneys didnít think...

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