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US Patent for the Petris Dynamic Common Model (PetrisWINDS Enterprise)

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Petris has received a second patent for its Dynamic Common Model, a central component of PetrisWINDS Enterprise

Houston, TX -- Petris Technology, a leader in the development of vendor-neutral data management and exchange technologies, today announced that Petris’ Dynamic Common Model (DCM), a technology that enables data federation and exchange, has been awarded a second US Patent (No. 7,257,594, August 14, 2007).

A previous Petris patent, also for the DCM (No. 6,792,431, September 14, 2004), describes a ‘dynamic’ hub-and-spoke approach for exchange of data between applications that store data in different formats. The previously patented approach avoids both the problems of data loss and inflexibility that arise from fixed-hub attempts at data integration.

The new, additional patent describes "loose coupling" of the system components used for data integration. This patent describes extracting data from a datastore using XML, loading it into a 'catalog' and using the catalog as the basis for searching. The catalog contains both the search attributes and the 'address' of the original data.

Taken together, these two patents describe the major services and processes that make PetrisWINDS Enterprise unique in the market and highly suited to the low volume, high value transactions of workflows of scientific and engineering analyses.

PetrisWINDS Enterprise lets users find and manage data across a wide variety of disparate geo-scientific databases. Users can move structured or un-structured data from one application to another, painlessly, and without errors or loss of integrity. PetrisWINDS Enterprise provides text and GIS map-based search capability and data integration through one system. It consolidates data from disparate data sources into a single desktop view, and its seamless, easy-to-use web interface enables secure access to company data via a simple web browser — anytime and anywhere. With this system, users can improve their access to quality technical data and reduce the time needed to analyze the data for exploration and production decisions.

About Petris Technology, Inc.

Founded in 1994, Petris provides practical, real-world IT-based solutions for energy clients leveraging its expertise in data management, application hosting, geospatial information systems (GIS) and professional services. Through a unique vendor-neutral approach and expertise in service-oriented architecture, Petris designs and deploys innovative technology that integrates data from diverse data stores to enable better decision making and application transparency. Taken together, Petris is leading the way into a new era in integration, data and application management.

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