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Safecell In-flight Cellphone Patent Lodged in 137 Countries

Friday, September 07, 2007

SafeCell Inflight Cellphone patent lodged under PCT treaty in 137 countries. SafeCell allows cell phones to be operated in-flight, without interfering with the aircraft's avionics and the ground networks. SafeCell turns a cell phone into a WiFi communicator.

ASI Entertainment Inc. today announced that it has received notification from the Australian Patent Office that its application under the International Patent Cooperation Treaty has been lodged which covers 137 countries.

ASI Entertainment Inc.'s former Australian subsidiary ASIQ Pty. Ltd. originally filed a patent application for the SafeCell concept in July 2006, and the intellectual property in the concept was acquired by ASI Entertainment Inc. as announced on February 28, 2007.

Ron Chapman, ASI CEO, stated that "The International Patent Cooperation Treaty application is the second step in the patent process for the SafeCell concept, which allows cell phones to be operated in-flight, without interfering with the aircraft's avionics and the ground networks."

The SafeCell invention incorporates two unique components. A small device called a "communicator" that turns a cellular phone into a WiFi communicator, and a shielding accessory that allows the cellular phone to be switched on in-flight.

SafeCell was originally designed for use in passenger aircraft as a means of accessing low cost voice and data services via WiFi, using a cell phone. One of its unique features is that it can also be used at any WiFi hotspot on the ground, so a passenger subscribing to the in-flight service can also use remaining credit on the ground or vice versa.

A SafeCell system starts at $10,000 per aircraft, SMS will cost 25 cents. The system can also accommodate VoiP and will be less than $1.00 per minute.

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