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Intellijet Marine, Inc. Granted Patent for Variable Marine Jet

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Redmond, WA -- IntelliJet Marine, Inc. has been granted U.S. Patent # 7,241,193 for its Variable Marine Jet propulsion technology. The company believes the IntelliJet™ technology will answer the expressed desire from boaters for greater reliability, more economical operation, and increased maneuverability and safety.

The company is currently testing the IntelliJet™ and preparing to go into production.

The technology incorporates continuously variable power transmission (CVT), now becoming standard in automobiles, and simplifies operations by eliminating the need for reverse gearing or a reversing bucket. "Existing boats utilize a fixed drive system that hasn't been seen in automobiles since the Model T. The IntelliJet™ is naturally expected to enhance fuel economy and engine life in boats, just as transmissions have in automobiles," says Jeff Jordan, President of IntelliJet Marine, Inc.

Management expects the IntelliJet™ system to offer better efficiency than conventional jets and propellers over a wide range of operating speeds and loads.

The technical details are well documented in issued patents, white papers, demo videos, and PowerPoint presentations to industry groups, available at

About IntelliJet Marine, Inc.

IntelliJet Marine, Inc. is an early growth stage company formed to develop and market advanced marine propulsion technology. The company's design integrates well-proven hydrodynamic principles with microprocessor controls to efficiently deliver optimal thrust over a wide range of acceleration, speeds, and loads. The company has four issued U.S. patents and patents pending in Canada, the European Union, New Zealand and Australia. A virtual reality video of the IntelliJet design can be seen on its website

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