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Direct Computer Resources, Inc. Awarded Patent for Computer-Implemented Software System that Manages and Manipulates Data from Heterogeneous Data Systems

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Franklin Lakes, NJ -- Direct Computer Resources, Inc. (DCR) was awarded U.S. Patent No. 7,251,693 for a 'System and Method for Data Quality Management and Control of Heterogeneous Data Sources,' currently incorporated into the Company's market-leading Data Privacy software solution, DataVantage Global.

The new software invention is a resource management tool that simplifies the data system management process. More specifically, the system incorporates three discrete functions: it provides connections to source data systems, allows users to view data structures, and enables simple data management and data manipulation contained within heterogeneous data systems.

The system includes an advanced graphical user interface, allowing users to access and manage systems via a simple point-and-click methodology. Portals are also employed as tools to collect, visualize, analyze and directly edit data sets associated with different data sources. In addition, the system tracks its operational status, allowing users to automatically reproduce work done in one logon session with work completed in the previous session without the need to replicate previous data analysis.

The patent encompasses a data management system with a 'state-save facility' that rebuilds data viewers for subsequent sessions. Under its ideal deployment, information from the state-save facility is used to rebuild all of the data viewers associated with a particular portal by re-querying the data sources associated with the relevant viewers when the portal is reopened.

"For nearly three decades, DCR has established a legacy of being first-to-market with critical technology innovations," said Edward Stull, DCR's chief software architect and primary inventor. "This software invention introduces a convenient way to visualize, manage and save complex data presentations concurrently from multiple perspectives and through information portals that can be regenerated on demand and easily shared with others."

Joseph Buonomo, DCR president and CEO added that, "This patent represents another key milestone in DCR's history. It has always been our goal to create market-leading technology in the product set we offer to our customers worldwide."

Antoinette M. Tease ( filed the patent on DCR's behalf. The Company has two additional patents pending.

About Direct Computer Resources

During the late 1970s, the principals of Direct Computer Resources, Inc. helped define the application development testing and data management market with DataVantage for IMS. The software suite grew over time to encompass the s/390 spectrum (IMS, DB2, and VSAM).

More recently, the Company introduced DataVantage Global, a single, scalable, multi-tier enterprise solution that provides Data Privacy and the protection of confidential data through Data Masking and Data Obfuscation, among other processes.

DCR's family of DataVantage software products has served hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies internationally for almost 30 years. For more information, please visit or contact

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