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PuriCore Receives US Patent on Wound Therapy Method

Monday, October 08, 2007

Hypochlorous Acid Invention Shown to Enhance Wound Healing

Malvern, PA & Stafford, England – PuriCore (LSE:PURI), the life sciences company focused on the control of infectious pathogens, today announced that the US Patent and Trademark Office has granted US Patent No. 7,276,255, entitled Wound and Ulcer Treatment with Super-Oxidized Water relating to wound therapy methods. PuriCore’s methods employ hypochlorous acid at neutral or near-neutral pH to enhance the healing process for wounds. Related patents have been approved previously for PuriCore’s technology in the UK and Europe.

PuriCore’s invention is broadly drawn to methods of treating any open wound with hypochlorous acid solutions at neutral or near-neutral pH including two important processes, reducing wound bioburden and promoting tissue repair. Research data submitted with the patent shows that PuriCore’s invention method provides an optimum wound-healing environment by decreasing the bioburden of harmful microorganisms within the wound and by promoting skin cell proliferation and re-growth.

"Our research indicates that hypochlorous acid solutions represent a new and effective class of treatment for hard-to-heal wounds," said Greg Bosch, CEO of PuriCore. "The granting of this first US patent specific for wound therapy complements our broad intellectual property portfolio focused on antimicrobial solutions and devices for producing these solutions."

About PuriCore’s Wound Therapy Solution

PuriCore’s patented wound therapy technology is being commercialized as the Vashe™ Wound Therapy System, a novel, noninvasive, easy-to-use wound management process that has been shown to be complementary to existing treatment methods. The Vashe System is an FDA-cleared medical device used for moistening, irrigating, cleaning, and debriding acute and chronic wounds including stage I through IV pressure ulcers, stasis ulcers, diabetic ulcers, post-surgical wounds, first and second degree burns, abrasions, and minor irritations of the skin. The Vashe Solution mimics the human body’s own infection fighter, hypochlorous acid. Recent and ongoing clinical case studies show that the Vashe Solution eliminates pathogens that produce harmful toxins and odor and cause significant pain, without any damage to tissue. Research to date demonstrates that the Vashe Solution provides a safe and effective alternative to cytotoxic antimicrobial and antiseptic products currently used to treat infected wounds and surgical sites and is an important element in the overall clinical process of effective wound management.

About PuriCore

PuriCore (London Stock Exchange: PURI) is a life sciences company focused on developing and commercializing proprietary products that safely, effectively, and naturally kill contagious pathogens. PuriCore's technology provides a solution to a broad range of markets that depend upon controlling contamination, including food safety, medical device disinfection, wound therapy, and hospitality. The Company’s proprietary technology mimics the human body’s production of the natural antimicrobial hypochlorous acid, which is highly effective in killing bacteria, viruses, and fungal spores. Deploying hypochlorous acid solutions as soaks, sprays, mists, and in other forms, PuriCore’s technology is designed to limit the spread of infectious disease, including major public health threats of M. tuberculosis, MRSA, E.coli, norovirus, avian influenza, HIV, polio virus, Helicobater pylori, and Legionella. PuriCore is headquartered in Malvern, Pennsylvania, with offices in Stafford, UK.

To receive additional information on PuriCore, please visit our web site at, which does not form part of this press release.

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