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FatPipe Networks Is Granted a 5th Patent for Wide Area Network/Internet Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Monday, October 22, 2007

Salt Lake City, UT -- FatPipe Networks™, the inventor and multiple patents holder of WAN optimization, redundancy and security products, announced today that it has successfully secured its fifth patent. The US patent number 7,269,143 protects the "tools and techniques used to combine routers to increase concurrency and redundancy in external network access," such as the Internet and other Wide Area Networks (WANs).

The technology is a standard feature of FatPipe Networks' XTREME, WARP, and IPVPN products, which provide load balancing methods, increased speed, and failover capabilities of Internet traffic by aggregating two or more data lines though a FatPipe router clustering device.

The new patent protects session-based load balancing and IP data failover appliances created by FatPipe for specific application traffic across multiple lines, especially traffic sensitive to packet ordering and time latency issues such as VoIP and streaming video. FatPipe was the first to market network appliances and technologies that provide these core benefits.

Providing a high level of fault tolerance for Internet connectivity, in the form of redundant data paths, has benefited companies that require reliability and speed of Internet connections for vital business transactions and web-based applications. The new patented technology supports companies' basic day-to-day activity conducted using the Internet such as email, VoIP, file transfer, and web browsing, and plays a pivotal part in their Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans as well.

"This technology has served thousands of our customers who need reliability and redundancy for their WANs to conduct mission-critical business transactions. It also servers our customers who have a Business Continuity or Disaster Recovery plan in place. We are so pleased to provide these important benefits to our customers and are proud to serve customers in meeting their objectives," said Ragula Bhaskar, President and CEO of FatPipe Networks.

FatPipe was granted four additional patents: 6,493,341 -- "combining routers to increase concurrency and redundancy in external network access"; 6,295,276 -- "combining routers to increase concurrency and redundancy in external network access"; and 6,253,247 -- "a system and method for transmitting a user's data packets concurrently over different telephone lines between two computer networks"; and US Patent 6,775,235 -- "tools and techniques for directing packets over disparate networks."

This patent expands the technology claims of previous patents -- the first of which was awarded December 29, 2000 -- and reflects FatPipe's role as a pioneer in the field of WAN optimization through router clustering. FatPipe's intellectual property includes five patents with several other patents pending, copyrights, trademarks, proprietary technologies and industry secrets. Any other company that sells products that use similar methods may be infringing this patent or other patents owned by FatPipe Networks. FatPipe Networks will actively enforce the protection of its patents from companies that incorporate any of the patent claim's elements to the full extent of the law. Companies concerned about possible patent infringements can call Sanchaita Datta at FatPipe Networks.

About FatPipe Networks

FatPipe Networks is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, is the inventor of router clustering solutions that provide highly redundant, reliable and high-speed Internet access for mission-critical applications. FatPipe products enable companies to obtain low-cost, highly redundant and fast Internet/WAN access, allowing such corporations to implement Intranets, Thin Client, Virtual Private Networks and Frame Relay Networks. For more information, please visit:

FatPipe Networks™, MPVPN™, and IPVPN™ are trademarks of FatPipe Networks in the U.S. and other countries. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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