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Patent Filed by MyPointPool, Inc., for to Protect Business Model for Community Sport

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Creator of applies for patent to protect processes and operations for community game

MyPointPool, Inc. has filed for a patent to cover the processes involved with the production and operation of the and its business model. The patent will cover methods and algorithms that are necessary to the production and operation of the community-style office football pool, released to the public via the Internet in August of 2007.

The patent was filed through the law firm of Fulbright & Jaworski which is based in Manhattan, N.Y.

The PointPool differs from popular pools such as fantasy leagues because it focuses on the games themselves as opposed to individual statistics. It also differs in that although requires only a few minutes each week, success requires strategy and long term planning. According to its creator and company president, Scott Dow, PointPool standings may be highly volatile throughout a given season. Dramatic comebacks are always possible and falls from first to last place in a single week occur each year. The game extends throughout the playoffs and concludes with championship game.

"The filing of the patent application allows us to confidently move forward with our plan of licensing our web site and rights to operate the game without the fear of a competitor stealing the proprietary concepts that make the game possible," Dow said. "We are confident that once the general public understands how the PointPool works and plays it, they will be as hooked on it as the people who have played in my tiny private pool for 25 years."

"Although serious football fans love this pool, it has also proven to attract the casual fan ð people who enjoy football games but are simply turned off by the amount of work and time required for other pools."

The PointPool does not involve gambling and is not a gambling web site. Money is not won or lost based on the results of games, nor are dollars wagered. does not collect or distribute money. Its custom-created advertised pools that promote the game and website are paid by PointPool, Inc., and its promotional partners.

For more information about the game, visit

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