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Nexidia Technology Awarded Patents

Monday, November 12, 2007

Further Strengthening Market Leadership Position

Atlanta, GA -- Nexidia, the market-leading provider of audio search and speech analytics solutions, today announced the granting of two U.S. patents pertinent to Nexidia's core technology and solutions offerings.

Patent 7,263,484 is based on a pioneering approach to indexing recorded audio to enable highly scalable, accurate phonetic search. This capability is an integral part of the Nexidia Phonetic Search Engine (PSE) and has been leveraged by Nexidia's global customer base since the company's inception (as Fast-Talk Communications) in 2000. The Nexidia PSE is the core technology for all Nexidia's market leading applications and services offerings including:

  • Nexidia Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Nexidia Developer Edition - provides content creators and aggregators with the ability to rapidly deliver rich media search capabilities to their consumers through the web.
  • Nexidia ESI - the market leading speech analytics application.
  • Nexidia Forensic Search - delivers ad-hoc and extensive drill-down capability for the contact center, legal and regulatory market
  • Nexidia Language Identification - an automated way to identify and categorize spoken language used by rapidly distinguishing between disparate languages and custom language models
  • Nexidia Language Assessor - enables automated language assessment as part of new customer service representative recruiting and ongoing training
  • Nexidia OnDemand - a managed service leveraging Nexidia's secure infrastructure, technology and expertise to analyze recorded audio
  • 33 Language Packs

This patent was applied for in 2001, is assigned to Georgia Tech Research Corporation (a technology licensing division of the Georgia Institute of Technology) and exclusively licensed to Nexidia as part of the founding of the company.

It is as a result of this innovation that Nexidia delivers fast, accurate, relevant, scalable solutions, thus securing its competitive advantage over all other solutions in the market. Since no training of natural language models is needed, Nexidia delivers both fast deployments and fast results. Highly accurate results are returned regardless of audio quality, speaker accents and dialects and, because Nexidia is not dependent on dictionaries, accuracy of results is not impacted by out-of-vocabulary words and phrases. Additionally, these results can be returned in context (relevancy) through the use of advanced query technology and metadata integration. These advantages in combination with Nexidia's unparalleled scalability - indexing speeds of up to 341 times faster than real time or 8000 hours of audio per day on a single server - ensures Nexidia delivers the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.

Patent 7,231,351 applied for in 2003 and assigned to Nexidia Inc., relates to an innovative approach allowing for efficient alignment of text to spoken word content with its associated audio and video files. This capability is the foundation of Nexidia's TranscriptSync application, widely used by content creators and editors. The patented technique is also used in contact centers to ensure script compliance in structured spoken communication and in the legal deposition market.

The patent inventors - Peter S. Cardillo, Professor Mark A. Clements Sc.D and Kenneth K. Griggs - represent both founding members of Nexidia and members of Nexidia's Research and Innovation Teams. This team continues to lead technology innovation at Nexidia.

"Innovation is the foundation of our company," said John Willcutts, president and CEO of Nexidia Inc., "these patents, and the many others that are pending, speak to the depth of our IP portfolio and underline our commitment to continue to deliver market leading solutions."

About Nexidia

Nexidia is the market-leading provider of highly scalable and accurate rich media search and speech analytics software. Servicing a global customer base since 2000, Nexidia transforms audio and video data into business intelligence, allowing both government and commercial enterprises, in industries such as Healthcare, Insurance, Financial Services, Technology, Media Creation and Aggregation, Telecommunications and Outsourcing, to leverage untapped information previously locked away in audio-video content. Based on years of research and development, Nexidia's patented phonetic search engine is the only technology that allows the user to search on proper names, places, industry terms and jargon without extensive training and cumbersome dictionaries. The process is adaptable to a range of audio analyses and excels across the full spectrum of audio quality. For more information, please visit

Nexidia and the Nexidia logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Nexidia, Inc.

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