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NanoMarkets Announces New Upcoming Report on Thin-Film, Organic and Printable Photovoltaics Markets

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Glen Allen, Va. – NanoMarkets, a leading industry analyst firm based here today has announced a new upcoming report on thin film, organic and printed photovoltaics that will be available in May of this year. The report is one of five new studies added to the firms schedule for Q2 & Q3 of 2007 that cover various aspects of the emerging thin film, organic and printed electronics sector. Details about the PV and other reports can be found on the firm's website at

About the Report:

In early 2006 NanoMarkets released a report that examined and quantified the emerging market for thin film/flexible photovoltaic technology. It examined the virtues and disadvantages of rival research programs, such as silicon on metal, CIGS on metal and organic PV and compared the various strategies being employed to create new PV products for the mobile computer and communications, building materials, outdoor power, emergency power and other sectors. The report provided detailed forecasts of PV shipments broken out by technology type and application. It also discussed how far this new type of photovoltaics would eat into traditional photovoltaics markets.

In this new report slated for release in mid-Q2, NanoMarkets will offer a fresh assessment of the PV space with additional details on technology, material and applications, a new market forecast as well as analysis of the strategies of leading firms active in this space. The materials platforms covered in this report will include silicon, CIGS, polymers, small molecules, CdTe, and GaAs as well as various hybrid materials strategies. NanoMarkets will also discuss emerging PV technology based on nanotechnology and so-called Third-generation Photovoltaics. Each of these technologies will be reviewed in terms of their key performance characteristics (e.g., conversion efficiencies, costs per watt, etc.) and how these might improve in the future. The report will also look at the evolution of roll-to-roll and printing processes for TOP electronics-based PV and particular attention is given to the market implications of the ability to create PV on flexible substrates.

For all of the TOP electronics approaches to PV, NanoMarkets will examine their commercial advantages and disadvantages and in which market segments they are likely to find a successful application. Market segments that will be examined in detail include building integrated systems, mobile and wearable computing, central power generation, disposable electronics, portable and emergency power (including battery chargers), and military applications. The report will also include detailed eight-year forecasts of PV shipments broken out by technology type and application and discusses how far this new type of photovoltaics can eat into traditional photovoltaics markets. Assessments of all the leading firms active in the TOP PV space are also included and the coverage will include start-ups and established firms offering both materials and PV technology into this sector. About NanoMarkets: NanoMarkets is a leading provider of market and technology research and industry analysis services for the thin film, organic and printable electronics businesses (which we refer to as TOP Electronics.) Since the firm's founding, NanoMarkets has published over two dozen comprehensive research reports on emerging technology markets. Topics covered have included sensors, displays, OLEDs, HB-LEDs, e-paper, RFID, photovoltaics, smart packaging, novel battery technologies, printed electronics, organic electronics, emerging memory and storage technologies and other promising technologies. NanoMarkets' client roster is a who's who of companies in specialty chemicals, materials, electronics applications and manufacturing.

NanoMarkets also hosts a blog at

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