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HydroCision’s Patent Portfolio is Expanding: Twenty-seventh Patent is Allowed

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Billerica, MA -- HydroCision Inc. ( announced today that its patent application U.S. 2004/228736 for its fluidjet products has been allowed and will be its 27th patent to issue worldwide. Fluidjet products using HydroCision’s proprietary technology have now been successfully used in more than 15,000 spine, arthroscopic, and wound debridement procedures combined –firmly establishing HydroSurgery as a major platform in surgery. The Company’s family of fluidjet products, which is covered in its expanding worldwide intellectual property portfolio, empowers surgeons to simultaneously cut, ablate, and remove hard and soft tissue quickly, safely, and effectively without the collateral thermal or mechanical trauma of other surgical modalities.

"We are pleased to be able to further enhance the considerable intellectual property that has established HydroSurgery as a safe and effective modality by which surgeons can achieve favorable outcomes for their patients," notes Doug Daniels, President and Chief Executive Officer of HydroCision. He further adds that while high-pressured water jets have been employed for many years in industrial-cutting applications, this technology was not easily adapted for use in medical procedures due to the unique technical requirements of surgery: (1) the working fluid must be sterile; (2) the devices must be small and easily maneuverable; (3) the pump system must be compact enough to fit in any operating room or outpatient surgery center; and (4) the device must be cost-effective.

"HydroCision has overcome formidable obstacles in transferring fluidjet technology from industrial to surgical applications by creating important technological innovations," comments Kevin Staid, Chief Technology Officer for HydroCision. Mr. Staid further adds, "This patent application protects our fluidjet system’s disposable pump components – solving many challenges associated with other pumping methods – namely, the ability to safely provide a sterile system for each procedure which can withstand the rigors of a high-pressure environment. As a result of our accomplishment, a growing number of neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons have adopted the technology for a variety of procedures, including open and minimally invasive fusion and microdiscectomy."

HydroCision, The Leader in HydroSurgery, and SpineJet are registered trademarks of HydroCision, Inc.

About HydroCision

HydroCision ( is a leading designer, developer, and distributor of fluidjet-based surgical tools. This new proprietary fluidjet technology is the basis of a new surgical modality, "HydroSurgery," which has positive clinical experience, novel features and versatility. The Company has developed a broad range of fluidjet-based products to meet the clinical and economic needs of multiple specialties.

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