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Global Warming Solutions Files Provisional Patent for GEM Hybrid Engine

Friday, February 01, 2008

Houston, TX -- Global Warming Solutions, Inc. (Pink Sheets: GWSO) - a developer of technologies aimed at mitigating the effects of global warming - today announced the filing of patent protection for its new GEM Hybrid Engine concept. The new engine is a combined combustion engine and electric motor which promises to dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of hybrid automobile configurations while increasing efficiency and fuel economy. The patent applies to the concept and is the intellectual property of Global Warming Solutions whether built by them or others.

The GEM (Generator, Engine, Motor) concept combines a rotary combustion engine where the engine block rotates with a magnet/coil assembly affixed to the block and armature to create one unit that when operating as a combustion engine provides direct power while simultaneously producing electricity which can either be used directly or can be stored in batteries. The GEM can also be used as an electric motor by stopping the combustion and feeding the electricity back to the unit through a simple switching technique. The advantages include a reduction in cost of manufacture, eliminating expensive and complex computer coordination of separate engine/motor units, and a reduction in weight.

Global Warming Solutions already owns a patent for a revolutionary rotary engine which is in stage 2 development and could be the foundation for the GEM concept. Their combustion rotary engine has been shown to be nearly friction free making it ideal for the electric engine combination.

Market applications include not only the hybrid automobile industry but also stand alone electrical generation for hospitals, factories, offices, homes, and even remote locations where electrical lines are unavailable or costly. The combustion engine will run on methane, propane, gasoline, bio-fuels, and can even be configured as a diesel.

Global Warming Solutions wide array of Global Warming amelioration technologies promise the greatly reduce emissions and reliance on fossil fuels while at the same time producing substantial profits for the company.

"The filling of this provisional patent will further increase the value of our portfolio of technologies and intellectual properties and we hope to attract partners and licensees who wish to commercialize the GEM Engine," said Dr. Vladimir Vasilenko, CEO of Global Warming Solutions, Inc.

About Global Warming Solutions, Inc.

Global Warming Solutions develops and commercializes technologies that help mitigate Global Warming and its effect on our planet. The Company targets three areas that help reduce the extent of Global Warming and fight issues that have arisen as a consequence: Clean Energy, Carbon Control, and Water Purification. Current climate models predict that global temperatures will rise sharply over the next century. The increase in temperatures can be slowed or eliminated by decreasing the amounts of greenhouse gases released into the Earth's atmosphere. Global Warming Solutions seeks to leverage its experience and management to help make a difference in the fight for climate control.

For more information visit the company website:

The information contained in this press release may include forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements usually contain the words "estimate," "anticipate," "believe," "expect," or similar expressions that involve risks and uncertainties. These risks and uncertainties include the company's uncertain profitability, need for significant capital, uncertainty concerning market acceptance of its products, competition, limited service and manufacturing facilities, dependence on technological developments and protection of its intellectual property. The company's actual results could differ materially from those discussed herein.

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