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Xtendwave Granted Patents for Technology that Improves Broadband Signal Strength and Distance for DSL and HDTV

Friday, February 01, 2008

Dallas, TX & Denver, CO -- Xtendwave, a technology company dedicated to changing the economics of delivering broadband signals over existing telecommunications networks, today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trade Office approved three of the company’s key patents for issuance.

Xtendwave provides semiconductor technology that improves broadband service and HDTV service by increasing the speed, capacity and distance of signals traveling over existing copper phone lines. Xtendwave’s technology enables service providers to far surpass the limits of their existing xDSL services without re-engineering, replacing or upgrading their existing network infrastructure.

"Patent approval is a major milestone in substantiating and bringing to market Xtendwave’s solution to dramatically improve broadband data and HDTV service delivery to more people," said Marc Landry, CEO of Xtendwave. "Broadband providers and millions of end-users worldwide will benefit from better broadband signals that travel further."

Xtendwave is an especially attractive solution for rural telecommunications companies seeking to eliminate the digital divide in underserved, geographically isolated regions. With Xtendwave, providers can increase their area coverage by two times or more versus existing high-speed broadband and HDTV coverage.

The approved patents cover key aspects of Xtendwave's implementation of its Adaptive Filter Bank Modulation™ (AFBM) technology, employing wavelet-transform signal processing methods. In addition to the three approved patents, Xtendwave has 14 patents pending covering both the core technology and its application to various transmission media. Xtendwave will offer devices for incorporation into DSL line cards and CPE modems, as well as providing licensed IP to key customers.

Xtendwave’s approved patents pertaining to AFBM™ technology:

  • "Optimal Filter-Bank Wavelet Modulation"
  • "Inversion Of Channel Distortion By Adaptive Wavelet Lifting"
  • "Code Division Multiple Access Employing Orthogonal Filter Bank"

"With these patents in place, Xtendwave is poised to achieve several goals with an upside for all industry participants," said Dennis Robbins, an Xtendwave senior technology advisor. "Xtendwave will help telecommunications companies compete into the future, help satisfy customer and regulator demand for broadband ubiquity, help equipment providers use and monetize spare DSLAM slots, and help equipment manufacturers develop relevant new products for the vast telecom market."

About Xtendwave

Xtendwave is a technology company dedicated to eliminating the digital divide in the U.S. and throughout the world by extending the reach of broadband service to a greater percentage of existing wireline customers without new buildouts, digging or network re-engineering. The company licenses its patented wavelet modulation and encoding technology to extend data signals further and more affordably than previously possible. The company has plans to develop technology that supports increased broadband penetration across copper, wireless, cable and fiber optic networks. Xtendwave was founded in 2001. The company is headquartered in Dallas and Denver. For more information visit

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