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Rivulet Communications Receives Patent for Its Endpoint Packet Scheduling System for Ethernet Networks

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Herndon, VA -- Rivulet Communications, whose technology dramatically improves the performance of Ethernet and IP networks, today announced that it has been issued a US patent titled, "Endpoint Packet Scheduling System." The system supports the real-time transport needs of VoIP, video and medical imagery applications over existing packet networks.

Rivulet's Endpoint Packet Scheduling System enables guaranteed delivery of real-time packets for critical applications. The system uses an autonomous scheduled delivery for critical packet flows, and it operates on ordinary standards-based routers and switches. Rivulet's technology prevents packets from arriving simultaneously in router queues, which eliminates unnecessary loss, jitter and latency. Ethernet networks without Rivulet will not provide guaranteed delivery of real-time traffic, and previous attempts to solve this problem have been either too rigid, required purpose-built packet switching equipment, or were too difficult to implement.

"Endpoint scheduling will make it practical to host all kinds of new high- bandwidth real-time applications," said Steven Rogers, Rivulet's Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, "which are particularly critical for the communications, government and medical markets. Now even ordinary networks can run flawless real-time applications."

Benefits of the Endpoint Packet Scheduling System include: -- Support for multiple hundred-megabit flows without packet loss. -- Enabling cost effective medical-grade video transport. -- Transmission of circuit-quality data streams over packet networks, with SONET-level BERs (Bit Error Rates). -- Dramatically increased the efficiency of enterprise networks.

About Rivulet Communications

Headquartered in Virginia's Dulles Technology Corridor, Rivulet Communications offers a complete product suite that enables medical, government and carrier customers to flawlessly transport high-bandwidth, mission-critical and real-time applications over existing IP networks. With Rivulet products, organizations can realize the economic benefits of IP-based convergence without compromising application quality or network utilization. Rivulet supports applications, including IPTV, VoIP, video, ATM, and TDM (circuit emulation), in their native modes while guaranteeing a quality of service (QoS) equivalent to traditional TDM networks. For more information, please visit

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