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Perfect Web Technologies Inc. is Issued Patent Number 7,353,199

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Boca Raton, FL -- Perfect Web Technologies Inc. (Pink Sheets: PWBI) today announced that it has received and the USPTO has issued its third patent, Number 7,353,199.

The patent, entitled, "Method of Moderating External Access to an Electronic Document Authoring, Development and Distribution System," as described by its title relates to a system that moderates access to an electronic document authoring, development and distribution system.

"The third issued patent in our portfolio again validates the ideas as seminal. The patents illustrate that as the inventor and as a company the vision and perspective on the future of technologies and business methods and their interaction with the Internet and software are insightful," commented Thomas L. DiStefano III, CEO, Perfect Web Technologies Inc.

"We now own and manage U.S. Patent Nos. 6,631,400, 6,771,291, and 7,353,199and are enthusiastic about the prospects of the other pending applications. Perfect Web is exploring all possible licensing and business opportunities for this patent and for each of the issued and pending patents in our portfolio," he continued.

The 7,353,199 patent was filed by Perfect Web Technologies, Inc. in late 1999. The company believes the USPTO nine-year review conclusively affirms the '199 patent's seminal value.

About Perfect Web Technologies, Inc.

Perfect Web Technologies, Inc. is a series of integrated technologies that optimize the use of the Internet. It is a provider of Web-based applications and B2B2C marketing solutions and provides financial merchant services. It is licensing its portfolio of patents and patents pending that represent key Internet and software technologies and business methods. The patents cover electronic document publishing, e-mail management and distribution, e-commerce and marketing tools, access management to electronic documents and electronic document collaboration.

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