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New Software Reads Patents and Finds Potential Infringers

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hinsdale, IL -- New software capable of reading a patent will be demonstrated at a Chicago conference. The software helps researchers find similar patents, regardless of US patent office classifications, and aids in identifying potential patent infringers.

AmiCOUR International today unveiled new software capable of electronically reading the text of a patent and pointing patent owners towards potential infringers. The announcement was made at a Chicago conference of patent attorneys and licensing professionals.

"Software to compare related patents isn’t new, but software that reads a patent and tells a search engine exactly what to look for is," remarked Scott Bechtel, president of the company that developed the unique text reading algorithms. Bechtel explained, "As professionals learn to use our new research tool, we hope to continue developing and providing software to make licensing patent rights more thorough and more profitable."

The company unveiled the new program as part of a hands-on workshop at the Licensing Executives Society 2008 Spring Meeting & International Conference, a meeting of attorneys, university technology transfer professionals, and corporate intellectual property managers. Bechtel remarked, "We want our tools to be used by experienced professionals. This group, with its new professional certification program, is the right place to introduce an advanced research product like sciRAPTOR."

Company executives explained how the name "sciRAPTOR" evolved by combining the words science and raptor, defining a bird of prey with very keen eyesight. AmiCOUR also announced a companion search string "viewer" to help users of sciRAPTOR technology find licensing opportunities in large patent portfolios.

Ray Throckmorton, Executive Vice President of AmiCOUR explained, "Would be patent infringers now face a higher risk of being caught automatically. Recent trends have made it easier for people to tread on intellectual property rights, but perhaps sciRAPTOR will help pull the pendulum back towards the center." The company stated that several premier law firms were testing its new software. Throckmorton concluded, "sciRAPTOR is inexpensive and we hope patent attorneys and licensing managers will consider it to be an essential part of their practice."

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