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Innovation International Americas Launches Full Suite of Services for Intellectual Property Commercialization

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New York, NY – Innovation International Americas (IIA) today unveiled a full suite of IP commercialization services to help companies, research labs and university technology transfer offices market, value, assess and acquire intellectual property. Based in New York City and serving the global intellectual property community, IIA focuses on streamlining the exchanges between intellectual property owners and organizations seeking to enhance their IP portfolios, boost product development strategies, strengthen their position in the marketplace and maximize the return on their IP portfolio investment.

"Strategic intellectual property (IP) portfolio management is a primary concern for both corporations and academic institutions," said Donald Bouchard, president and CEO of IIA. "We provide the unique combination of R&D and tech transfer expertise with the entrepreneurial savvy needed to guide organizations through the complex process of commercializing their IP."

By converting intangible assets into revenue streams, organizations can increase their value in the eyes of shareholders and potential investors. In addition, effective IP commercialization can ensure the steady stream of royalty payments required to continue funding projects. However, valuing IP can be challenging for organizations that lack the internal resources or expertise to assess industry comparables and evaluate license payment and royalty information.

"Accurate IP valuation is critical to the effective management of a portfolio," said Bouchard. "So is proactively identifying potential licensees to whom these assets can be marketed. IIA is uniquely positioned to help organizations address those challenges with a robust set of IP marketing and valuation services."

Establishing the commercial viability of intellectual property is another key challenge faced by companies and university technology transfer offices hard-pressed to generate returns on research investments. An objective review of a piece of IP’s technical feasibility is critical to determine licensing opportunities. In addition, organizations producing intellectual property often lack internal resources to conduct the thorough market analysis required to objectively assess the strength of their innovation.

"We offer a series of IP assessment services designed to provide companies, research labs and university technology transfer offices with the unbiased, third-party intelligence needed to inform commercialization strategies," added Bouchard.

About Innovation International Americas

Based in New York City, Innovation International Americas (IIA) is a premier provider of IP commercialization services to companies and academic institutions. IIA offers a full suite of services to help customers maximize the value of their companies, generate and maintain revenue streams, as well as continue to foster innovation. IIA services include IP marketing, in/out licensing, IP valuation and IP assessment. For more information visit

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