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Privaris Awarded Key Biometric Patents

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Charlottesville, VA -- Privaris, a leading provider of personal, wireless identity verification solutions, today announced that two key patents were issued to Privaris by the US Patent and Trademark Office. The patents include:

  • US Patent No. D576,057 -- "Biometric Identification Device." This patent describes the design of a finger guide which is incorporated in the Privaris plusID® personal identity verification token. The patent protects the design of the finger guide independent of whether it is used in a laptop, desktop, mobile phone, or other similar device.
  • US Patent No. 7,420,546 -- "Man-Machine Interface for Controlling Access to Electronic Devices," which describes biometric authentication approaches including, for example, a fingerprint sensor that works through, or is a part of, a liquid crystal display (LCD). When the user touches an icon on the touch sensitive display, the fingerprint is imaged and authentication occurs for that specific icon and its associated application. This enables touch screen devices to control which individual users can access which specific applications, as well as the limits of their access rights.

"The award of these patents further enhances Privaris' growing intellectual property (IP) portfolio and validates the early work that Privaris undertook in the field of biometrics to make biometrics practical for everyday applications," said Barry Johnson, co-founder and CTO of Privaris. "For example, the use of the finger guide design in the plusID token has resulted in improved usability for 'swipe-type' fingerprint sensors by significantly reducing the failure to enroll (FTE) and the false reject rate (FRR) in user testing."

The company's portfolio now boasts eight US Patents with more in process, including patents outside the US.

About Privaris

Privaris Inc. focuses its technology expertise on the intersection of high security biometric applications and an individual's right to personal privacy. Privaris products authenticate the identity of an individual prior to that individual being granted access to facilities, resources, services and transactions. Privaris' plusID line is the 2007 Access Control and Security Systems Product of the Year. Privaris Inc. is a privately held Delaware corporation with its headquarters in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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