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MeetingWave Files Geo-Location Social Networking Patent Application

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Provides coverage for, offline networking, face-to-face meetings

New York, NY -- TTB Technologies, LLC, the owner of the online tool for offline networking, announced that it has filed a patent application entitled "Computer-Based Networking Service and Method and System for Performing the Same" with claims covering methods for facilitating face-to-face meetings comprising determining the location of one or more users and sending meeting notifications to such users based on the user’s location. The invention employs an advanced positioning system in combination with a cellular communication network to determine the location of a user accessing the services via cellular telephone. The invention can thereby provide users with updated information relating to that location such as weather reports, traffic, travel reports, and newly posted invites for meetings in the region that might interest that user including special events. The application (U.S. Serial No. 12/286,565) is based on an original application filed in February 2000.

"Location is a critical factor for any face-to-face offline networking meeting since where users are located helps determine which meetings to attend and who to reach out to for proposed networking meetings." commented John Boyd, CEO and Founder of MeetingWave. "This patent application includes claims directed to determining the location of a user using cellphone-based technologies and is a significant addition to our growing intellectual property estate, which already includes US Patent No. 6,963,900. We anticipate the issuance of additional patents covering technologies for networking offline in the future."


MeetingWave is a free online tool for networking off-line for business, professional or social purposes allowing its members to set up networking meetings that are open to people they have never met. MeetingWave is laser focused on providing a flexible versatile online tool that allows members to meet new clients, network with others in their industry, recruit new team members, connect with potential investors, find new opportunities, or make new business contacts or friends.

Members can create Public Invites for offline face-to-face meetings that specify the types of people they want to network with or the purpose of their networking meeting. MeetingWave would then notify the member by email each time someone accepts their Public Invite. They must then approve or decline each acceptance -- and can do so for any reason. MeetingWave then notifies the other individuals whether he or she may attend the member’s meeting. Only "approved" individuals may attend. Thus, the member who posted the Public Invite ultimately controls whether the meeting will happen and who may attend thereby providing a flexible versatile tool for expanding your real-world contacts.

Members can post Invites for coffee, lunch, drinks or any other networking meeting. Or, a member can browse through Public Invites posted by others and accept those of interest.

About TTB Technologies, LLC

TTB Technologies, LLC was founded for the purposes of creating, developing, licensing and commercializing new technologies and intellectual property. In addition to the recently launched business/social networking tool and related intellectual property including US Patent No. 6,963,900, the company owns U.S. Patent No. 6,484,148 and related patent assets, pertaining to technologies for delivering targeted advertising.

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