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Voice Network Security Innovator SecureLogix Awarded 14th Patent

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Company Continues to Strengthen Patent Protection for Its First-of-Kind Voice Network Security, Monitoring, and Management Solutions

San Antonio, TX -- SecureLogix Corporation today announced the award of its 14th patent, US 7,440,558 B2, which protects core technology in the company’s award-winning ETM® (Enterprise Telephony Management) System, a family of communications appliances and bundled applications providing voice network security and management capabilities for the enterprise.

This new patent further strengthens the ETM System’s existing patent protection by enhancing protections of related technologies that were included in the company’s first telecom firewall patent filed in 1998 (US 6,249,575 B1) and a follow-on Continuation-in-Part patent (US 6,760,420 B2), of which this new patent is a Continuation. These patents describe systems and methods of telephony resource monitoring, management, and security for call traffic, whether packet switched or circuit switched, within or between enterprise or public networks. Aspects include sensing and analyzing calls to determine call attributes, and performing security and/or management actions based upon the determined call attributes, including actions in response to attempts to encrypt a call or authenticate remote access, and monitoring of call content for keywords.

The new patent’s claims include expanded lists of call attributes and of actions to be taken in response to detected call attributes, including automatic adjustment of security, usage, and monitoring policies.

"SecureLogix pioneered voice security solutions with the invention of the first voice network firewall back in 1998, for which our first patent was awarded," said Mark Collier, SecureLogix CTO and VP of engineering. "Since that time, we have continued to innovate with patented cutting-edge technology that provides solutions to the security threats and management challenges on enterprise voice networks. And we’ve kept ahead of the curve as voice network technology has evolved from traditional circuit-switched networks to include VoIP. The ETM System provides centralized security and management over any multi-vendor network mix of traditional or VoIP switching systems."

SecureLogix Patent Portfolio

SecureLogix began building an intellectual property portfolio in 1998 with the filing of its first patent application, entitled Telephony Security System. SecureLogix subsequently augmented its initial patent application with a number of Continuation and Continuation-in-Part patent applications. SecureLogix currently owns 14 U.S. and international patents, with over 500 patent claims. These patents are the foundation of an intellectual property portfolio protecting telecommunications security, monitoring and management technologies developed by SecureLogix for its ETM System product. Each of the company’s 13 patents protect inventions within one of three technology groups: telephony security, monitoring, and usage reporting; policy-based autonomous telephony encryption; and integrated telephony resource vulnerability assessment and management.

ETM® System

The state-of-the-art ETM System is the world's first real-time media voice firewall. The ETM System provides enterprise-wide, real-time intelligence, security, visibility, and control over all voice network access and usage across distributed, multi-vendor networks, by means of automated security policy enforcement. The system protects enterprise telecom and data networks from telephony-borne threats, such as denial-of-service, toll fraud, service abuse, harassing calls, information theft, modem line backdoors into the corporate LAN, and other unauthorized phone traffic and usage.

The ETM System's voice usage and performance management applications significantly reduce phone bills and other voice network operational costs through centralized, IP-PBX-independent call auditing, resource utilization reporting, and performance/QoS alerting and management capabilities for the enterprise. The system's patented voice security and management capabilities support both TDM and VoIP, enabling the world's first unified voice security and management technology spanning legacy and VoIP communications and infrastructure.

The ETM System has been named "Security Product of the Year" and "Most Outstanding Product of the Year" by Network Computing.

About SecureLogix

SecureLogix, a Gartner designated "Cool Vendor" and a member of the Deloitte Fast 500, is a unified communications intelligence and security company. SecureLogix's 5th generation solutions enable customers to save money through securing and optimizing IP telephony and legacy voice networks, allowing confident migration to tomorrow’s Unified Communications environment. SecureLogix® technologies are currently protecting and managing over three million corporate and government phone lines. For more information, visit SecureLogix on the Web at

Reader Contact Information

SecureLogix Corporation, 13750 San Pedro, Suite 820, San Antonio, Texas, 78232, 210-402-9669, fax 210-402-6996,,

ETM, SecureLogix, SecureLogix Corporation, and the SecureLogix Diamond Emblem are trademarks or registered trademarks of SecureLogix Corporation in the U.S.A. and other countries. All other trademarks mentioned herein are believed to be trademarks of their respective owners.

SecureLogix technologies are protected by one or more of the following patents: US 6,249,575 B1, US 6,320,948 B1, US 6,687,353 B1, US 6,700,964 B1, US 6,718,024 B1, US 6,735,291 B1, US 6,760,420 B2, US 6,760,421 B2, US 6,879,671 B1, US 7,133,511 B2, US 7,231,027 B2, US 6,226,372 B1, US 7,440,558 B2, and CA 2,354,149. U.S. and Foreign Patents Pending.

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