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Euclid Discoveries is Granted Two Patents From the United States Patent and Trademark Office

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Concord, MA -- Euclid Discoveries, a leading developer of video compression technologies, today announced it has been awarded two patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The patents mark the most recent in a series awarded to Euclid in the last two months.

The first of these two new patents (No. 7,457,435) includes 14 additional claims, defining a unique process for refining background resolution and adding mesh-based motion estimation. The second patent (No. 7,457,472) includes 10 additional claims for the process of data to be broken down and recreated without the use of a conventional CODEC. This is the initial step in enabling EuclidVision to perform compression without the use of a conventional CODEC.

The patents are based on the Company's first patent received in April 2007 (No. 7,158,680) which was granted for an apparatus and method for processing video data. The initial patent included ten foundation claims for analyzing, encoding, decoding, and synthesizing video signals, the cornerstone of Euclid's next-generation video processing and compression technology. The subsequent patents add additional claims that extend the technology's modeling, processing and applications. In addition to the granted patents, the company also has a number of patent applications in process with the US Patent Office, the Patent Treaty Organization, and a number of individual country patent offices around the world.

"EuclidVision technology patents cover both technical and business applications of the company's proprietary video processing system. All of the patents are interrelated and build upon the advancements and innovations of the preceding ones. The processes outlined in our patents demonstrate an integration of state-of-the-art signal processing algorithms into an overall video modeling method for the first commercially viable application of modern Computer Vision and Image Understanding techniques to the encoding of video data or video compression technology," said Charles Pace, Euclid Discoveries' Chief Technologist and the patents' named inventor.

Richard Wingard, Euclid Discoveries' CEO and co-founder said, "We now have a total of 83 claims under protection from the U.S. patent office and have filed for the same protection of our video processing and compression technology in over 100 countries around the world." Mr. Wingard noted that by securing each of the component aspects of the technology through individual patent protection, Euclid Discoveries is effectively securing ownership of the complete space related to this novel method of video processing and compression. "The recent patent awards lend further credence to our technological breakthroughs as we continue to make inroads to establishing our leadership position in video compression, storage, archival, and search technology," he added.

About Euclid Discoveries

Euclid Discoveries is a research and development company for next generation video processing and compression technology. The company is developing EuclidVision, a proprietary video compression technology based on H.264, which incorporates Computer Vision and Image Understanding to achieve significantly higher levels of compression without loss of visual quality. Euclid's advancements provide the groundwork for future applications in the areas of video compression, storage, archival, and search. For more information on Euclid Discoveries, please visit

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