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Kryptiq Acquires Patent for Data Encryption Technology

Friday, December 19, 2008

Portland, OR -- Kryptiq Corp. has been issued a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, covering technology that supports its open and pragmatic approach to efficient healthcare communication. The patent secures Kryptiq's technique of encrypting and transferring data so electronic messages containing that data can be read only by the sender and recipient.

As the healthcare industry moves increasingly toward electronic and online communication, physicians must be able to securely send and receive digital information. Kryptiq facilitates the security of electronic communications without limiting physicians' efficiency. This allows Kryptiq's customers to focus on giving the best patient care, highly confident in the privacy and data security they are providing to patients.

This patented technology covers the ability of Kryptiq's servers to encrypt data in such a way that the machine hosting the messages, such as a data center, does not have direct access to decrypted data. This approach safeguards messages for both sender and receiver, and eliminates the ability of others to read the message.

"Amid all the complexities of the healthcare industry, physicians and their staffs need sensible and efficient ways to communicate between practices and with their patients," said Jeff Sponaugle, Kryptiq chief technology officer. "At Kryptiq, we hold the secure transfer of data in the highest regard, while keeping in mind what our customers need to provide high quality patient care. This technology is representative of our mission to facilitate healthcare collaboration through practical ways of sharing information."

Kryptiq holds the rights to its patent No. 7,299,357, entitled "Opaque Message Archives" in the United States. The company also holds rights to a similar patent, No. WO2004/015943, entitled "Method and Apparatus for Secure e-mail" for identical technology in Germany, France, U.K., and Netherlands.

About Kryptiq Corporation

Kryptiq stands for fundamental, pragmatic change in healthcare. The company facilitates a first-of-its-kind collaborative network of care between physicians, patients and health plans. By using Kryptiq's technology to share and utilize information, physicians gain better patient engagement, optimize practice revenue and enhance communication with health plans.

In an era when health information is siloed, Connect IQ and Choreo bring mobility to data, making it increasingly valuable and actionable. With Connect IQ, physicians and their staff securely collaborate with their colleagues, practices become more efficient, and patients gain access to personalized healthcare services. Choreo equips health plans with new levels of executive insight into provider networks, improving decision making, process efficiency and rapid response to changing market conditions. For more information on the company, visit

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