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Mass Connections Granted Patent for Staffing and Tracking Process

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cerritos, CA -- After nearly a decade of development, marketing company Mass Connections (MC) has been granted a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its "proprietary method of linking people, products and locations to program/projects."

MC's "Accountable Tracking Process" is a technology-based system that monitors the implementation of programs and tracking of the company's hundreds of thousands of people and in-store events nationwide in real-time. The U.S. patent no. 7,444,305 covers the way employees are linked directly to client events and specific store locations. Through the use of electronic transactions and MC's proprietary, custom software, the company can monitor purchases, track the duration of sampling and merchandising events, and collect other event data instantly.

"We wanted real, direct transparency to provide accountability, improve execution and eliminate wasteful spending for brand marketers and retailers. This watchdog approach cleans up slippage and industry claims of 'perfect' execution. It verifies scheduled, activated, in-progress and completed projects by location, person and time. This supports immediate pursuit of corrective management action. The bottom line: You actually know what happened!" said Caroline Cotten-Nakken, President/CEO, MC.

Through the Accountable Tracking Process, MC also is able to allocate funds for a project on a program or store basis, and instantly change or zero out employees' branded cards when purchasing of products is involved.

"The process is easy for employees, and inexpensive for clients for 'big savings and bigger returns,'" said Cotton-Nakken. "It includes a simple swipe of their card (as a debit transaction) with a program identification number when the employee starts, then a re-swipe of the card prior to leaving the store.

"In an economic environment where marketers need to carefully weigh the value of every dollar spent, all the trends are pointing toward greater direct-to-consumer and in-store engagement. Only MC is able to provide real-time data and results of in-store activity supporting their brands. This instant verification of what times, which store and confirmation of product on display allows notifications that can link to other marketing efforts."

Founded by Cotten-Nakken in 1990, MC provides marketers with ways to connect consumers in store, on line and in life. Multiple case studies, many tests and huge investments in research and technology provided the solutions for the best results. MC's series of research books, "Touch America," offers insight to retailers and manufacturers about consumers' grocery shopping habits and motivations. The latest, "Connecting with Consumers In Store, On Line and In Life," available at, was released in September 2008 and features the findings of nine major research projects, including candid feedback about the effectiveness of marketing programs from CPG brand managers and consumers.

MC has many "firsts" in the industry, from monthly background checks, food safety training, photo ID badges, flex labor scheduling systems, matching talent/personnel to brands, "custom" online training, and uploading project photo/videos, to becoming the first marketing company to incorporate social media into its recruiting and hiring process. "Consumer Connectors" are linked together through social media sites and Through these sites, Connectors can view projects that pay approximately 40 percent higher than the industry standard and match their interests or schedules, enabling flexibility for parents, students and other part-time professionals.

About MC

Based in Cerritos, Calif., MC is ISO 9001 certified, woman-owned and is a leading marketing company, connecting brands with consumers in store, on line and in life. By utilizing innovative and unrivaled technology, MC responds to the need for accountable execution, implementing more than 1 million in-store events annually through more than 100,000 "Consumer Connectors" (employees) who have been screened, background-checked and trained nationwide to promote brands for MC clients. For more information please visit or phone 562-365-0200.

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