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Intelliden Awarded New Patent For Device Access Management

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New method adds layer of control for enforcing network security, ensuring change accuracy and maintaining SLAs in converged networks

Menlo Park, CA -- Intelliden Inc., a leading provider of Intelligent Networking solutions that enable organizations to control, manage, and scale their networks, today announced that it has been awarded a new U.S. patent for system capabilities relating to network and device access management. This new patent provides an automated system and method for seamlessly securing access to devices and configurations by users and groups, and enables unprecedented levels of flexibility and access control in converged network environments.

Intelliden's U.S. patent (#7,461,158) enables its users to organize their multi-vendor network devices by type, location, customer and/or similar logical groupings. It also provides the ability to assign read, write and execute privileges for device configuration changes to individual users and groups. For example, a Managed Services Provider can restrict a network engineer to only access selected devices, view a subset of the device configuration and/or execute specific types of configuration changes. This added layer of control is vital for enforcing network security, ensuring change accuracy and maintaining SLAs, and has not previously been attainable with other solutions.

"Traditional script-based network configuration and change management solutions are inadequate for meeting the access control requirements of today’s convergent networks," said Glen Tindal, CTO and co-founder of Intelliden. "The growing complexity of multi-service networks makes it very difficult for network engineers to know hundreds or thousands of commands and master different syntaxes and idiosyncrasies for configuring devices from multiple vendors. In this world, the only realistic way to guarantee change accuracy and network reliability is to provide a flexible security management solution with a more granular level of access control down to individual command level."

Intelliden has assembled a high degree of networking experience and knowledge. This collective experience has led to over 35 granted and pending patents filed worldwide. From its founding, the company has devoted considerable resources to its ongoing commitment to developing Intellectual Property. The issued patents and patents pending are a reflection and foundation to that commitment.

About Intelliden

Intelliden ( is a leading provider of Intelligent Networking solutions that enable organizations to control, manage and scale their networks. With Intelliden solutions, network-driven organizations can deliver next generation services; ensure compliance and completely automate network change and configuration management. Intelliden's innovative and patented solution is the first example of truly "intelligent automation" of networking devices. It is the only solution that gives companies the real-time state of the network-the key to ensuring accuracy across increasingly dynamic networks. Intelliden has been proven in global telecom companies, financial services organizations, federal government agencies and other businesses deeply dependent on their network.

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