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SurferNETWORK Granted Its Second Key Patent in Streaming Media Technology

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Patented System Allows for Individually Targeted Advertising to Replace Generic Advertising in Live Streamed Content – Substantial Increase in Value of Internet Ads is Anticipated

Flanders, NJ -- SurferNETWORK announces the receipt of a second key patent in support of its streaming media technology. SurferNETWORK now holds two fundamental streaming media patents.

This latest patent applies to both radio and TV broadcasts, and gives the broadcaster the ability to transmit conventional audio and video ads over the air, while maximizing the value of that ad inventory on the Internet. That is achieved by streaming from the point of origin to a central distribution hub. When audience members connect at the distribution hub, the system can perform a database lookup to determine the optimum set of demographically targeted ads to deliver to each person based on age, gender, geographic location, or other parameters of interest by advertisers. A unique stream is created for each audience member; the selected replacement ads are then inserted into each unique stream so that each member of the audience receives a composite stream carrying the highest value advertising content that is possible to achieve.

In addition, replacement ads are of higher intrinsic value than broadcast ads because ads can be made interactive by accompanying them with a clickable banner, and radio stations can replace audio ads with TV-style video ads, which also can be made clickable.

While other ad replacement technologies have existed for some time, one-on-one ad targeting is difficult to achieve and frequently results in bad "up-cuts", where one ad steps on another, an ad plays on past the start of the underlying content, an ad ends early and audience hears the end of the underlying ad that was to have been replaced, or a gap is left between ads or between the end of an ad and the resumption of the underlying content. Systems based on the new SurferNETWORK patent will be able to replace ads with precision, making ad replacement transparent.

"Although it extends beyond just radio, this patent completes a technology portfolio enabling SurferNETWORK's original vision of creating a ‘Just Like Radio’ experience," says SurferNETWORK Co-Founder and President, Bill Grywalski. "It complements the business side of Surfer's plan; addressing for broadcasters the question of ‘HOW DO YOU MAKE MONEY WITH STREAMING?’"

"The key to inventing the technology was asking that question as our starting position. Coming up with the answer was conceptually simple but developing the technology was very complex," says Harry Emerson, Co-Inventor and Co-Founder of SurferNETWORK. "A number of disciplines were involved from understanding radio broadcast automation systems to building real time databases."

"SurferNETWORK is very pleased to have been granted the patent because it demonstrates our company's commitment to maintaining cutting edge technology," says Grywalski. "We view ourselves as a technology company that happens to be in the streaming media business."

About the Patent

The new patent is US Patent Number 7,490,053: "System for Modifying and Targeting Advertising Content of Internet Radio Broadcasts", and has Emerson, Grywalski, and Gerald M. LeBow as the inventors.

SurferNETWORK had previously been granted US Patent Number 6,766,376: "Streaming Media Buffering System", which is a fundamental patent that enables "instant-on" capability while eliminating pre-buffering and minimizing dropouts due to poor Internet conditions, both for live broadcasts as well as content streamed from files. SurferNETWORK uses the trade name LightningSTREAM™ for this technology.

About SurferNETWORK

SurferNETWORK, which was founded is 1998, is a leading provider of Internet broadcasting and streaming media services to a broad spectrum of customers in radio broadcasting, education, sporting, and general commercial industries. They provide Internet broadcasters large and small with a full range of features and services for audio and video, live and on-demand. For more information visit, or call Priscilla at 973-691-7420.

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