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U.S. Patent Office Issues 2nd Patent for ePIPE, Pipe Restoration System

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Irvine, CA -- Pipe Restoration Technologies, LLC (PRT), announces, that on April 14, 2009, they were issued U.S. Patent #7,517,409 by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. This patent relates to a system for the in-place restoration of piping systems, trademarked as ePIPE.

Commercialized as the ACE DuraFlo System or ePIPE, the patented method and system restores and protects metallic and non-metallic piping systems, "in-place," without the extensive demolition that accompanies a traditional plumbing repipe. The process involves the application of an epoxy barrier coating to the inside of an existing piping system, engineered to extend original design life of piping systems, increase water flow, prevent corrosion, leaks and the leaching of heavy metals, such as lead and copper, into the water supply.

"The issuance of U.S. Patent #7,517,409 combined with our U.S Patent #7,160,574, issued January 9, 2007, provides additional validation of the innovation of the ePIPE system and affords us an additional depth of protection for our intellectual property portfolio. These patents, along with other pending patent applications, filed both within the US and internationally, continue to strengthen our ACE DuraFlo and ePIPE product offerings. We are very proud of the innovation and the expertise contributed by our research and development team," said CEO and Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Larry Gillanders.

About Pipe Restoration Technologies and ePIPE

Pipe Restoration Technologies, LLC, provides "in-place" epoxy pipe lining products and authorized ePIPE plumbing services in the US, Canada, Europe, Mexico and Latin America under the brand names ACE DuraFlo, ePIPE, eLINER and miniE. Since the 1990's, PRT has developed an array of proprietary products and patented epoxy pipe lining methods and systems that restore and protect piping systems "in-place." The result is an epoxy lined and protected pipe called ePIPE. ePIPE, a "green product," is a proven alternative to a conventional plumbing repipe. Information on ACE DuraFlo and ePIPE may be obtained by calling 888-775-0220 or by visiting

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