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AmberPoint Awarded Patent for the Core Technology It Uses to Manage and Monitor Composite Applications

Monday, July 27, 2009

U.S. Patent Office Awards Distributed Application Management Leader a Patent Covering Innovative Approach to Processing Traffic by Content and Context

Oakland, CA -- AmberPoint, the industry’s leading provider of management solutions for distributed, composite applications, today announced that it has been awarded a patent for a core set of its technology. The newly issued U.S. Patent No. 7,549,153 covers AmberPoint’s apparatus and method for leveraging the content and context of the messages flowing across distributed applications, such as SOA, Web 2.0 and Web services-based systems. This technology facilitates many of the governance and management functions that AmberPoint provides—including Business Transaction Management, SOA governance, policy enforcement, Cloud API management and other crucial capabilities for managing composite applications.

"By leveraging the rich payloads of information in the message stream, organizations are able to accomplish very interesting and necessary management tasks," explained Paul Butterworth, AmberPoint Chief Technology Officer. "For example, the management system can know to notify a business manager if a Platinum customer’s transaction fails somewhere in the network of services. Our approach for accomplishing content- and context-based processing of system traffic has helped hundreds of enterprise customers achieve more reliable, trustworthy distributed applications."

With solutions from AmberPoint, enterprises implementing services-based applications can better understand system behavior, manage each transaction flowing across composite applications, and implement policies that automate performance management, remedy exceptional conditions and uphold security. They can do all this without special coding to the services or message tags. AmberPoint's non-invasive architecture allows applications to evolve and grow without constant recoding to system components.

About AmberPoint

AmberPoint provides the world's most widely distributed and implemented solutions for governing and managing composite applications. For more information, contact AmberPoint at 510.663.6300 or

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