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EarthSure’s One Invention to Revolutionize Two Industries

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Elizabeth, NJ -- Ray Saluccio developed an affordable system to deliver solar energy to the masses and assist in cleaning the environment. The combination of his two ideas has put his patent on the fast track for approval, since the U.S. Patent Office gives special consideration to inventions that enhance the quality of the environment and to those that contribute to the development of energy resources. Saluccio calls his concept Solar Energy Enclosed Dumpster System, or SEEDS.

Saluccio owns a sanitation company and designed a dumpster enclosure system that is a solution to many problems that his customers were having with their conventional set-ups which are susceptible to damage and had security issues. Unauthorized access to the dumpsters caused health and safety concerns. Saluccio’s enclosures were made to be secure and durable. Made from prefabricated recycled plastic, they were also easy to transport and assemble.

Improvements to the trash removal business pale to the benefits that SEEDS brings to the renewable energy industry. Saluccio and his company, EarthSure Renewable Energy Corp. are at the forefront of practical solar energy production. SEEDS allows businesses and property owners the ability to produce their own electricity without the prohibitive costs of installation or damage to their buildings.

Renewable solar power delivers a return on the investment through lower utility bills. Electricity can be stored in a battery, or if hard wired to the building, the energy generated by the solar panels can power equipment. When attached to the building’s electric meter, SEEDS can feed power back to the utility grid causing the meter to actually spin backwards.

EarthSure is ahead of the development of "The Smart Grid" which will allow two-way power flow and replace the current utility grid similar to the technology that enables the internet. Operators may also be eligible to receive Renewable Energy Certificates earned as a production subsidy to electricity generated from renewable sources. Like other commodities, these certificates can be sold and traded for profit.

In addition to SEEDS, EarthSure will be introducing other groundbreaking developments in solar based technology. By bringing SEEDS to fruition, EarthSure has moved us closer to the new emerging "Solar System." Find out more by visiting the web site

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