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US Patent and Trademark Office Issues Breakthrough Wireless Patent to Skky LLC After 8 Years Pending

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Minneapolis, MN -- Skky LLC, a Mobile Technology Development Company, has recently been issued U.S. Patent No. 7,548,875 for its Media Delivery Platform which it believes will have far reaching effects on the red hot mobile entertainment industry and on the mobile content market in general.

Skky's new patent covers Over-the-Air ("OTA") delivery of essentially any type of digital rich media content transmission, be it audio or visual content or a mixture of both, to wireless devices, such as mobile phones, with or without an Internet connection. The patent also covers talk features allowing user to speak or engage in conversation on the phone while simultaneously perusing or receiving media content.

Skky’s patented technology provides an Internet-free truly cableless alternative to conventional cable-dependent digital music devices. Servers can be loaded with any kind of media content and be wirelessly accessed with a user’s mobile device without the need for a cable connect to a computer. The patented method and technology also provides an innovative new venue for the currently unfolding mobile advertising revolution, which is expected to drastically cut into other forms of conventional advertising, such as newspaper, television and Internet advertising.

Skky has also expanded its intellectual property family reach from its core technology with the filing of patents in several foreign countries, and filing several new patent applications covering additional embodiments and novel applications for its Media Delivery Platform technology. Foreign patents are already issued in Australia and Indonesia.

Skky believes that its core technology, developed around the beginning of this decade, together with its deeper family of IP will have many and far reaching embodiments and applications, including providing a more secure means of transmission than that of the unsecured problem plagued Internet in the purchasing of goods, including financial and other services, and merchandising in general – essentially in any kind of desired secure payment mode but offering a more secure and far superior method of prevention of identity theft.

Skky LLC is a decade-old technology development company with offices in both Minnesota and California, and with state of the art world-class R & D facilities in St. Petersburg, Russia. Skky is currently focused in the wireless digital content telecommunications technology arena with plans to expand into several new areas of digital content delivery.

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