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Brightstar Awarded U.S. Patent for Improving the Mobility of Fixed Wireless Terminals

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Consumers to Benefit from Less Expensive Fixed Cellular Rates

Miami, FL -- Brightstar Corp. announced it has been awarded a patent (U.S. Patent No. 7,532,881) through its innovative Idea to Consumer (ITC) division for developing a proprietary technology that enhances the mobility of a fixed wireless terminal. Brightstar's invention consists of an apparatus and a method for limiting the communications range of a fixed wireless terminal allowing a mobile phone to be used like a cordless phone within a predetermined range.

Wireless carriers in geographical areas where landline density is extremely low -such as Latin America - have already implemented Brightstar's patented technology and have begun offering this new service to their customers. These carriers are now able to charge consumers less expensive fixed cellular rates instead of standard more expensive mobile or landline rates because the device is fixed to an actual location - the home.

Earlier this decade, Brightstar introduced its first fixed cellular residential phone, a fixed wireless terminal that mimics everything a residential landline phone does, yet is powered by a cellular antenna. However, today it is inconvenient to use a fixed wireless telephone because it can only be used as if it were a wired telephone and can't be used as if it were a cordless phone. Communication is made possible for users to make and receive phone calls only at a place where the fixed device is installed, limiting the mobility of a fixed wireless terminal.

Brightstar's patent solves this existing problem, while enabling wireless operators to provide its consumers with affordable rates. "Today, cordless phone users in their homes are limited to certain space constraints," said Jaime Narea, vice president of Brightstar Corp's Idea to Consumer (ITC) Division. "Home users can attempt to roam around from room to room, but they are on an electronic leash. If you walk with your cordless phone beyond more than 100 meters away from the base of your phone, you've often gone beyond the limit and when that happens, you hear static, your phone signal is lost, and your call is dropped. With Brightstar's patented technology, we have calibrated the distance between the base and the phone by an additional 100 meters, while allowing the cordless phone to mimic cellular technologies."

"With this patent, we continue to demonstrate our entrepreneurialism and how we listen to and work with our wireless operator partners as we regularly and jointly develop new fixed wireless products that address local market needs," added Narea. "Our goal is always to better serve wireless operators and assist them in penetrating the fixed wireless market segment. At Brightstar, we have created one of the largest fixed wireless product portfolios globally, ranging from desktop cellular phones to cordless/cellular products. We'll continue to innovate with patents like the one we announced today."

Narea, who also holds two additional patents from earlier in his career when he worked at Motorola, invented this technology for Brightstar's fixed wireless group, one of two core lines of businesses within the company's ITC division. The fixed wireless group designs, develops, manufactures and distributes fixed wireless phones that provide critical communications in high growth areas, such as Latin America, Africa and India - regions without access to traditional landlines.

About Brightstar

Brightstar Corp. is a multi-billion dollar global leader in customized distribution and integrated supply chain solutions for the converging wireless and IT industries. With sales and distribution facilities on six continents, Brightstar offers leading wireless and IT manufacturers the largest global reach, ensuring that the right product is in the right place, at the right time. Brightstar's industry-leading supply chain solutions are used by the world's top network operators and retailers to improve financial results, increase EBITDA and turn their supply chains into a competitive advantage. For more information on Brightstar, please visit

About Brightstar's Idea to Consumer (ITC) Division

Brightstar's global product design and manufacturing team, continues to bring new business models and innovative products to life. The ITC Division offer a full range of product management solutions including research and development, product conceptualization and specifications, manufacturing, lab and field testing, homologation, logistics, fulfillment, service and warranty, innovative branding, packaging and point of sale for the operator/end user. Brightstar has tight standards for quality, performance and technology.

As an early pioneer in the fixed wireless device market, Brightstar founded a group in 2001 to design, develop, manufacture and commercialize fixed wireless handsets. Today, under its full-scale ITC Division, Brightstar sells fixed wireless units throughout the world, exceeding 4.5 million units sold in more than 40 countries. These phones provide critical communications in areas without access to landlines, and are highly advantageous in high growth markets such as India, Africa and parts of Latin America. Most wireless operators see this market segment as a significant opportunity to expand its subscriber base and coverage. Brightstar's fixed wireless products cover all technologies, including CDMA 1x, GSM/GPRS, and 3G.

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