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RAYSPAN Corporation Announces Grant of Fundamental Metamaterial Air Interface Patent

Monday, August 17, 2009

San Diego, CA -- RAYSPAN Corporation, the world's leading innovator of metamaterial air interface solutions, is proud to announce it has been granted a fundamental patent, ANTENNAS BASED ON METAMATERIAL STRUCTURES. The sweeping claims of this patent encompass a broad range of metamaterial inventions that make possible RAYSPAN's breakthrough ultra-miniature antennas and related air interface components and systems. With an intellectual property portfolio that now includes over sixty-five awarded and pending domestic and international patents covering the world's most advanced metamaterial wireless technology, RAYSPAN has established an extremely strong foundation for licensing and protecting its metamaterial solutions in the global cellular handset and wireless LAN markets. This unmatched patent portfolio protects the full span of RAYSPAN's fundamental enabling structures, antennas and essential radio frequency (RF) components based on those structures, use of those structures in key RF subsystems and systems, and complete end-to-end communication networks.

The air interface breakthroughs enabled by RAYSPAN's metamaterial technology include ultra-compact implementations for broadband and multi-band antennas, filters, couplers, diplexers, and duplexers for all wireless LAN and cellular handset applications. In addition, the unique properties of metamaterials enable highly integrated solutions, extending from miniaturized antenna arrays, including MIMO, to complete RF front-end systems.

"RAYSPAN's innovations continue to be key in successfully implementing today's advanced broadband wireless applications on a large scale," said Dr. Maha Achour, Founder and Chief Technical Officer of RAYSPAN, Inc. "RAYSPAN's ability to solve key RF challenges using its proprietary metamaterial solutions is testimony to the power of the technology it has developed and its ability to surpass all competing solutions in size, performance, and ease of integration. Without any doubt, RAYSPAN will remain a technology leader through its continuous innovations across the whole RF front-end landscape."

About RAYSPAN and Metamaterials

The mission of RAYSPAN Corporation is to research, develop, market and license the world's leading portfolio of proprietary metamaterial wireless air interface solutions. Metamaterials are composite materials engineered to produce desired electromagnetic propagation behavior not found in natural media. They make possible breakthrough advances in air interface miniaturization, performance and integration while simultaneously reducing costs and simplifying manufacturing.

The wireless air interface is an essential part of every wireless device and is comprised of the antenna(s) and RF front-end components: filters, switches, couplers, diplexers, duplexers and power amplifiers. Today's air interface presents some of the most challenging system integration problems facing the wireless industry. As new standards call for utilizing multiple radio bands, complex modulation schemes and multiple modes and channels, as in MIMO systems, the size and spacing requirements of the components that comprise the interface make it virtually impossible to achieve compact mobile terminal size while maintaining adequate system performance.

RAYSPAN's metamaterial air interface solutions decisively solve these problems. They enable ultra-compact, multi-band, multi-mode and/or MIMO WLAN devices and cellular handsets with superior communication speed, range and mobility at reduced costs. These solutions address virtually all segments of the WLAN and handset markets, and they can be implemented quickly and inexpensively under RAYSPAN's licensing model.

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