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TechRadium, Leading Notification Firm, Receives New Patent for Utility Work

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Houston, TX -- TechRadium, Inc., the Texas-based company that leads its sector with cutting-edge advances for electronic notification and response systems, has received another patent for its growing business, this time focused on utilities that use the company's IRIS product -- Immediate Response Information System.

U.S. patent 7,624,171 has been assigned to TechRadium following the company's application in 2007. The issuance marks the seventh patent that TechRadium has received, with others pending.

"We are pleased that our new patent has been granted, enabling us to further protect our technology as we work with utility companies that have particular needs in notifying their customers and getting the customer's response," Ryan Rodkey, chairman and chief executive officer of TechRadium, said.

The patent relates to TechRadium's exclusive technology for digitally notifying utility customers, including sending messages in a priority system, receiving real time digital user data from a utility, and storing the data in a dynamic information base.

Utilities use TechRadium's IRIS system to notify customers in emergency situations such as downing of power lines or brown-outs, and in non-emergencies where customers might be notified about the most economical times to use power or water.

IRIS, used by school systems and universities, businesses, and government agencies in addition to utilities, sends information to cell phones, land lines and other electronic devices and has a patented response feature, allowing senders to determine immediately who did and who didn't receive alerts. IRIS can be translated into 12 languages.

TechRadium has been vigorous and successful in protecting its patents through legal actions when other companies willfully use its patented intellectual property, but also grants licenses to qualified parties to use its technology at a reasonable royalty rate.

In addition to the new patent, TechRadium has previously been issued US Patents Number 7,130,389; 7,174,005; 7,362,852; 7,418,085; 7,496,183; and 7,519,165. The company also has several pending patent applications.

About TechRadium

TechRadium is a leading provider of high-speed communication services to educational institutions, corporations, non-profits and government entities worldwide. TechRadium gives organizations the ability to broadcast emergency and non-emergency information via voice and text to thousands of people simultaneously with its easy-to-use mass notification service, IRIS -- Immediate Response Information System. Headquartered in Sugar Land, Texas, TechRadium is the owner of seven United States patents and has multiple patents pending. For more information, go to

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