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Orion Energy Systems Awarded Patent for Compact Modular Technology Cooling Properties

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Design Increases Efficiencies, Enhances Ballast Longevity

Manitowoc, WI -- Orion Energy Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: OESX) on December 8th was awarded a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark office for the cooling properties incorporated in the power technology enterprise's Compact Modular high intensity fluorescent (HIF) lighting platform.

The conductive, radiant and convective heat transfer properties of Orion's Compact Modular lighting system result in a cooler operating fixture, which enhances ballast longevity, increases the overall efficiency of the device and eliminates cooling time that is typically required prior to performing routine maintenance.

Compared to the industry standard high-intensity discharge fixtures, or HIDs, that operate at approximately 1,000 degrees, Orion's Compact Modular system operates at a cool 100 degrees. Because of Orion's expertise in managing thermal energy, the Compact Modular platform has been deployed effectively in the most extreme applications including environments with temperatures up to 131 degrees and in freezer applications as low as 40 degrees below zero.

By keeping the Compact Modular cool, companies also are able to decrease their air-conditioning costs, which are often increased as they try to offset the heat emitted by HIDs.

"The Compact Modular system is engineered to effectively manage heat by minimizing energy input and maximizing light output," said Orion's Chief Executive Officer Neal Verfuerth. "Because of its superior thermal and optical efficiencies, Orion technology consistently outperforms other HIF technology on the market when included in test sites at commercial and industrial facilities. In addition, we're seeing an increase in business from companies seeking to replace our competitors' HIF technology with the Compact Modular platform - sometimes within two years of our competitors' initial installation."

Orion technology reduces a facility's base load lighting costs, on average, by 38 cents per square foot, and reduces its energy use for lighting by 4.9 kilowatt-hours per square foot, per year. The result is a 6.5-pounds-per-square-foot reduction of carbon dioxide annually.

When the Compact Modular platform is integrated with Orion's InteLite wireless control system and direct renewable solar Apollo light pipe, Orion customers are reducing energy consumption for lighting by up to 80 percent.

The design of the Compact Modular fixture, its reflector and its modularity are already patented. Orion has 24 patents pending.

Orion has deployed its energy management systems in 5,082 facilities across North America, including 120 of the Fortune 500 companies. Since 2001, Orion technology has displaced more than 477 megawatts, saving customers more than $710 million and reducing indirect carbon dioxide emissions by 6.1 million tons.

Orion Energy Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: OESX) is a leading power technology enterprise that designs, manufactures and implements energy management systems, consisting primarily of high-performance, energy-efficient lighting platforms, intelligent wireless control systems and direct renewable solar technology for commercial and industrial customers without compromising their operations. For more information, visit

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