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Fourth Patent for Groundbreaking Technology Granted to Elliptical Mobile Solutions

Monday, January 04, 2010

Chandler, AZ -- Elliptical Mobile Solutions (EMS), the world leader in the development of micro-modular data centers, today announced the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted the company its fourth patent. Together, the patents incorporate revolutionary technologies into its data centers and offer huge savings in capital, operational and energy costs.

The patents provide EMS the proprietary rights to an adaptive suspension system that completely eliminates problems of harsh motion, shock and vibration for rack-mounted equipment.

The company also holds patents for a closed loop cooling system that reduces electrical consumption by up to 50 percent over traditional data centers.

"We are pleased to have been awarded these patents that will further strengthen the value of EMS's intellectual property," said Bill Stockwell, chief executive officer of EMS.

"EMS's adaptive suspension patent allows for the rapid deployment of enterprise-class equipment over any terrain," said Simon Rohrich, co-founder of EMS. "It also eliminates damage to the equipment in any disaster scenario including earthquakes, fires, hurricanes and tornados."

"The closed loop cooling system uses a pre-engineered airflow and cooling built-in that is optimized to efficiently deal with the current and future demands of the world's most powerful computer equipment," said Rohrich.

EMS has pioneered the development of mobile, self-contained, high-density and energy-efficient data centers. The patents apply to its Relocatable, Adaptive, Suspension, Equipment Rack (R.A.S.E.R), and Self-Propelled, Electronic, Armored Rack (S.P.E.A.R.). The company also offers a smaller version of the S.P.E.A.R. known as the Climate-Controlled Campus, Self-Propelled, Electronic, Adaptable Rack (C3-S.P.E.A.R.).

According to a study by the McKinsey Group, the data center industry is the fourth largest producer of carbon dioxide emissions accounting for three percent of global pollution. Due to the industry's continued growth and increasing power demands, the U.S. Department of Energy anticipates 14 new power plants will need to be built by 2012.

EMS's closed loop cooling provides containment of the hot and cold isle within the rack so that the cooling is applied directly to the equipment, according to Rohrich. Because the equipment is contained in a small enclosure, it allows for optimal temperature control.

EMS products also reduce the footprint required to store equipment by 75 percent vs. traditional data centers offering additional energy, capital and operational cost savings.

"Our technology offers the lowest cost solution per kilowatt of compute capacity in the market place today -- as low as $3,600/KW," said Stockwell.

"Our goal is to move the data center industry from being a huge consumer of electricity to being a small consumer of clean energy," he said.

The new patent further adds to EMS's intellectual property portfolio including 26 patents pending in 30 countries including the United States, South Korea, China, Canada, India and the 25 countries of the EP (European Patent) region.

Additional details about EMS's technology can be found at:

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