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Medizone International Announces Greatly Enhanced AsepticSure Patent Protection

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

San Francisco, CA -- Following the recently announced success achieved during the third round of trials at its research facility at Queen's University (Kingston Ontario, Canada) Medizone International, Inc. (OTCBB: MZEI.OB) announces that a second patent application has been filed which in combination with its previous patent application for AsepticSure™ filed in July of 2009, affords the Company greatly enhanced protection for both the hospital version of AsepticSure™ and the government variant intended for bio-terrorism countermeasures. "This was made possible," commented Dr Michael Shannon, Medizone's Director of Medical Affairs, "through the integration of several complimentary technologies, each with their own antimicrobial effects, which in combination were shown not to be additive, but multiplicative. This unprecedented success in being able to predictably achieve 6 log (99.9999%) kill rates for the causative agents of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) has signaled the beginning of a new era in infectious disease control which must, as a medical imperative, be moved quickly into the hospital and chronic care domains." Shannon continued, "All samples tested during the third round of trials were either completely destroyed, that is no growth compared to the control samples, or so significantly reduced that the effect meet the 6 log definition for sterilization. The actual results of this series of tests indicate reductions in pathogens, commonly associated with HAIs, can reliably be achieved by AsepticSure™ as follows: >6.5 log for C difficile, >7 log for MRSA, 7 log for E-coli, 6.6 Log for VRE, 7 log for Pseudomonas aeruginous and > 7 log for Bacillus subtilis."

Medizone's CEO Edwin Marshall added, "The results of our recent trials have shown that sterilization of contaminated hospital spaces with a fully portable unit is now within reach without enormous expense, which will translate into greatly reduced suffering, thousands of lives saved and a dramatic cost benefit for the health care system globally."

Medizone's research has now progressed to the full-scale mock up. By introducing the same combinations and protocols to room scale testing that produced >6 log with all HAI pathogens in the laboratory, our research team is confident the results produced should coincide with what has already been achieved in the most recent round of laboratory trials. Initial results from these scale-up trials can be expected in the near future.

Medizone International, Inc., is a research and development company engaged in developing its AsepticSure™ System to decontaminate and sterilize hospital surgical suites, emergency rooms, intensive care units, schools and other critical infrastructure. A government variant is being developed for bio-terrorism counter measures.

This Press Release contains certain forward looking statements that involve substantial risks and uncertainties, including, but not limited to, the results of ongoing clinical studies, economic conditions, product and technology development, production efficiencies, product demand, competitive products, competitive environment, successful testing and government regulatory issues. Additional risks are identified in the company's filings made with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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