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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Unique Geographic and Demographic Marketing Tool Revolutionizes Data Segmentation

Prince Frederick, MD --™ (, a leading provider of integrated direct marketing solutions, announced today that GeoSoftworks, LLC, a firm in which principals are the majority owners, recently received a patent on its GeoSelector™ technology, a unique system and methodology for generating user-specified information from a map. made the announcement just prior to the International Franchising Association (IFA) convention in San Antonio, Tex., where the firm will exhibit the technology’s capabilities on February 6 and 7 at Booth 561 in Exhibit Hall C of the San Antonio Convention Center. executives will be available to discuss franchise-specific GeoSelector uses, especially in positioning business locations, targeting and marketing to potential customers, routing and/or scheduling services and more.

GeoSelector marries Google mapping technology with a high-end geo-coding program and then links this output to over 200 million consumer records, offering virtually every type of organization unprecedented opportunities to use data in revolutionary ways. GeoSelector is simple to use, intuitive in design and affordable. Better still, its business applications are limited only by the creativity of the user.

In its simplest form, localized list-building, users enter a street address or Zip code and select either a map or satellite view of the location. GeoSelector then allows users to experiment with different radius overlays—or draw virtually any geometric shape on the map alone or in combination with these overlays—to define a precise target area. Once defined, GeoSelector compiles (1) an instant count of the number of names and addresses within the specified area and (2) a demographic report profiling residents in terms of 400 characteristics such as age, income and housing.

The ability to draw an individualized target area is just one of many ground-breaking innovations GeoSelector delivers. It overcomes the drawbacks of traditional radius targeting and allows users to eliminate locations within an area that fail to meet target criteria—reducing marketing costs—and identify geographical obstacles that might impact consumer purchasing or business placement decisions.

A more sophisticated GeoSelector use, but just as easy to perform, involves uploading an organization’s existing databases, plotting their locations on the map and identifying the precise demographics of current donors/prospects/customers, whether on the neighborhood, city, state or national level. Such data visualization provides immediate insight into data relationships, such as client clusters, concentrations of certain segments, trends and underserved areas, that would not be apparent using lists or data reports. "Seeing" the relationships makes it possible to generate lists of "look-alike" consumers, site a franchise precisely, map out service routes efficiently and market smarter.

Robert Salta, Principal,, says, "GeoSelector puts high-end geographic and demographic marketing tools within the reach of every organization with Internet access whether it is a commercial enterprise, an association or a nonprofit. It makes no difference whether your industry is food, banking, real estate, insurance, education, home services or charitable in nature. GeoSelector delivers better prospect targeting, reduced marketing costs and higher return on investment for marketing dollars expended."

Salta continues, "There is no expensive software to buy or consumer data to license. GeoSelector is available on our website at a very affordable price, whether purchasing a simple list or creating a highly customized one. Others may say their technology is equivalent, but our patent confirms that’s GeoSelector is unique and unavailable elsewhere."

About, headquartered in Prince Frederick, Md., is a leading provider of integrated direct marketing solutions. For 40 years,’s unique Identify…Target…Contact…Acquire…Engage…Retain approach has maximized ROI for nonprofits and businesses nationwide. GeoSelector, the firm’s patented data analysis and market intelligence product, promotes intelligent connections with prospects and customers across multiple channels for increased response.’s full range of services also includes state-of-the-art in-house production capabilities with capacity for up to 3 million pieces per day by a staff of over 250 direct marketing professionals. For more information about, please visit our Web site at or call 1-888-690-2252.

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